Sneak peek at the den

November 24, 2008

Phase one of sanding the floor. Russ later got rid of the mask as there wasn't hardly any dust in the air.

A glimpse of how it will look when it's all sanded.

Russ figured out it would work better with more weight on the sander. Mitchell made a perfect weight. Doesn't he look thrilled?

Reagan's turn! He is even more thrilled. LOL! I took several turns, too, but hid the camera so there wouldn't be any proof. *wink*

All sanded and ready to be varnished. :o)


  1. The floors are beautiful, Amy!

  2. Oh Amy! Those floors are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the room when you are finished. It's fun, isn't it??

  3. No one will ever want to leave that room : )

    I'm so impressed and happy for you!!


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