She's gone!!

November 17, 2008

Laurie, my BFF of 25 years, moved last weekend. I miss her so much!! Oh, great...I am crying again...*sniff* I remember the time I went to NH and brought home some big rocks for her to place in her garden. Bless her heart, she took them with her to her new home...Far, far away...FAR away...8 whole minutes away! Oh, how will I cope!? *sob* 

Congratulations, Laurie, on your new home!! I am thrilled for you!! See you soon! :-D


  1. Amy!!! You deserve to be whipped with a wet noodle! I was practically in tears for you and Laurie both, thinking you guys and your families were going to be separated. You big stinker! ;-Þ

  2. Hey, 8 minutes is a long ways away! You should see her house. It's gorgeous! And HUGE!!

  3. When I received Laurie's email, I checked the difference between your two towns. I think it showed something like 17 miles. I immediately thought of you! Now looking at eight minutes, I'm happy for y'all! :D

  4. Eight whole minutes! That can be a long ways when you're used to being neighbors.


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