Minor catastrophe

November 19, 2008

We (as in Russ) are making lots of progress on the den. The walls and ceiling are now textured. That was fun!!

Russ adding wall texture
                                                 Russ adding the texture to the walls. 

Next stop, the paint. I wanted a brownish color for the walls. Something warm. Due to special circumstances, I was unable to go to Menards to help pick out a paint color, so Russ went to Menards and brought home paint chips for me to choose from. There was something missing, but I didn't notice...I wasn't thrilled with any of them, but rightly sensing Russ' mood was, "Hurry up and pick one so I can get the paint on the walls and get this project D.O.N.E.," I chose a color and he began to paint. As it was going on the wall, I kept telling myself I liked the greyish, brownish, putty looking color. Due to Russ' afore mentioned mood, I was encouraging and supportive of the color choice, though I knew...deep down...I hated it...

The next morning, I took a peek in the den. I kept saying to myself, "It will grow on me. It looks fine." After an hour of lying to myself, I couldn't take it anymore. If we are going to paint it a new color, now is the time when the room is empty and there isn't any wood trim to work around yet. I took a deep breath and called Russ... 

Me: Hi, honey...Would you be mad if I told you I hated the color we are painting the den?

Russ: No...

Me: Can I go buy more paint? 

Russ:  *still in his get it D.O.N.E. mood* Sure...I'm sure I will like anything you pick out, so just go for it. 

Yeah!! I had a break in my special circumstances and the boys and I ran to Menards to get paint. 

As I began to look at the colors, I thought..."Wow! Russ didn't bring home any of these shades for me to look at." I found exactly what I was thinking of immediately. I did take a some time looking around, just to be sure. I didn't want to be hasty, after all, but I kept coming back to the first color I had found. I loved it. The boys agreed. I purchased. I decided to surprised Russ by having the room painted by the time he got home...

I was so tickled. I knew he would be so happy that I did the painting to save him time. I love it when he is happy with me. "This is going to be a great evening of marital bliss," I thought to myself. 

When he got home from work, I waited with bated breath as he opened the door to the den. He took one look and turned to me...

His face did not express the look I was expecting...

Russ: You like this color??

Me: *gulp* Yes...

Russ: Oh...

Me: *deep disappointment* You hate it!!

Russ: *deep sigh* Yes...I hate this color, but I'm sure it will grow on me. 

Me: *feeling the marital bliss hopes evaporate*  Oh...You told me you would like anything I got. I admit, I was surprised when I got to Menards and there was a whole section of colors that you didn't bring home for me to choose from. 

Russ: There was a reason for that...I hate those shades...Besides, that's the same shade of gold that the upstairs bathroom was painted and you hated it!

Me: I know...*hanging my head in shame*...I changed my mind and now I like it. 

I am blaming this on menopause.

PS...Marital bliss is restored. 


  1. First off, I love it, Amy!

    Mike and I are the same way about paint colors, so now he just tells me to do the choosing. ;-Þ
    When we repainted our sunroom a few years ago, it was the exact same scenario, only I had chosen the paint. Once it was on there and dry, though, I didn't like it. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't what I wanted, and by the next morning, I realized it only made sense to redo it while the room was still empty, so I told Mike. He was probably about as thrilled as Russ, but he was amiable enough. In the end, we both liked it, and still do.

  2. I really like the color also! Who knew it was such an agonizing thing just to pick a paint color? I can't tell you how long it took me to pick the colors for our makeover this summer. The people working at Lowe's must have thought I was crazy!

  3. I like it, too!

    My husband only wants one input in decor...off-white walls. Sigh...I like warm, neutral colors. So, I have to compensate with colors in everything else.

  4. Oh precious sister...been there, done that and probably will again! I just ask everyone to excuse me b/c I'm suffering from drain bamage and mental-pause. HA! It usually makes us all feel better.:-) I'm glad to hear that the marital bliss is restored...sounds like it was going to be anyone...you sound like a wonderful wife, married to a wonderful husband! What a blessing!

    Love you sis!

  5. This is a wonderful color! Warm, but not dark or dreary.
    Glad you worked this out; You were so smart to go ahead and change things right away, instead of living for years with something you didn't like - - life's too short for that! :)

  6. I love the color too! In fact, I'm in the middle of paining my kitchen, eating area, family room a very similar color! DH is a white walls kind of fella but he just looks at me and says - as long as you like it with a cute smile and life is good!


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