Embedded comments box is fixed...

November 9, 2008

With sweaty palms and a backup of my blog waiting in the wings, I took a deep breath and clicked the link "revert widget templates to default" in the hopes that the embedded comments box would work once again. Eureka!! It worked! I only had to fix a few things to get my blog back to rights.

Now if only Blogger would let us have our favicons back. 


  1. Yep, it's working! I see your favicon. Is it something in my temp files? I can see mine, also. The following article does sound like it didn't affect everyone.

    Check this link about the favicons: http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2008/11/fixing-custom-favicons-for-blogger.html

  2. I haven't seen mine in weeks. Nor anyone else's, except yours. I wonder if it's because you have your own domain?? I've tried that fix and it didn't work for me, but maybe it will now that I have reset my widgets.


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