Let the felting begin!

November 30, 2008

Look at the haul I bought at Goodwill today. 3 bags full of wool sweaters! And the colors! I am in wool heaven...

I am so excited to see how the bunny sweater felts up.

Holden has claimed the stripped sweater for me to make mittens for him. :o)

I ordered the book, Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects, by Betz White yesterday. I want to learn how to make the cupcakes for Brooklyn. Aren't they darling? Make sure you check out Betz White's web site.

My mom would be so proud. :o)

A skirt for the swag

November 29, 2008

I love the new swag light that Russ put up in my office, except for one thing...the light bulb shines in my eyes. So, today I made it a skirt out of an old curtain. It works beautifully to keep the light out of my eyes and still allows light to shine through. (The light and skirt are white, not yellow.)

I've been busy today. :o)


Goal for the day...To make myself some mittens from a felted wool sweater. Then, see if I can make some for gifts. :o)

Success! Not perfect, but I am pleased. :o) And, I am no longer afraid of my sewing machine. :oP

Christmas lights

November 28, 2008

It's been a few years since we have put up Christmas lights, so Mitchell took things in his own hands and put up the lights himself...Well, after a bit, Daddy came outside to help, too. The house looks pretty. :o)

Black Friday and stuff

Hubz is doing the Black Friday runs since I still have this pesky migraine. I know it's from the varnish fumes AND there is more varnishing to do...The trim for the windows and the base boards.

But look at how gorgeous the floor turned out! I am amazed!! It will be so nice to have the whole house done, now that we can see what a little hard work can produce. It's so worth it!!

New disease...Teenage Affluenza

November 26, 2008

A new water fountain for the pups

My deafie, Scotty, likes the water in his water bowl to be moving. An ordinary water bowl will be pawed at and splashed all over the kitchen several times a day. It drove me crazy, and then, I found the perfect solution...A Drinkwell Pet Fountain. We have had it for over 4 years and it's worked like a charm. No more water all over my kitchen floor.

Today, however, the motor bit the dust. Actually, only the part that spins broke, but the unit was pretty crusted over with lime and calcium build up, so I decided it would be much simpler to replace the whole motor. I discovered on my internet search for the new motor that the Drinkwell company makes a new Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain! Ohhh...Ahhhh....It holds more water than the old one, so there will be less frequent refills and the motor has a protective screen on it, so no more hair getting caught in the motor.

I ordered mine on Amazon for a lot less than what they are offered for on Ebay or on the pet stores. A lot less...I good deal on something that makes my life easier is always good. :o)

Varnish headache

The floors may look pretty, but the fumes are causing me to have a migraine. I am in the dungeon basement, trying to avoid the fumes as much as possible.

Instead of redoing all my floors in the house, which has always been my dream, I am now thinking that carpet is my friend...Or, I could spend a few weeks in a hotel while the varnish cures. That could work! *wink*

Working on network

November 25, 2008

We have been working on our home network all day long. We are making headway and the internet is much faster than it was, but there are a few more things to figure out. What a pain...

Sneak peek at the den

November 24, 2008

Phase one of sanding the floor. Russ later got rid of the mask as there wasn't hardly any dust in the air.

A glimpse of how it will look when it's all sanded.

Russ figured out it would work better with more weight on the sander. Mitchell made a perfect weight. Doesn't he look thrilled?

Reagan's turn! He is even more thrilled. LOL! I took several turns, too, but hid the camera so there wouldn't be any proof. *wink*

All sanded and ready to be varnished. :o)

Visitors today!!


Brooklyn, her mom and her grandma are coming to visit today! :-D Brooklyn has an eye appointment at the U of I very early tomorrow morning, so they are coming in tonight. I can't wait!!

Also, Russ has the week off, so the den will be finished this week. We won't be able to move the furniture in for a few more weeks, but the floor will be done and I think he is planning on getting the windows framed in. He bought the oak this weekend.

I'll post pictures later. :o)

Have a blessed day!

Things In My House Thursday #17

November 19, 2008

May I present to you today, the art work of my two oldest children. On the right, the white puppy-bunny was made by Haley when she was a sophomore in high school. She says it's a puppy, but everyone thinks it's a bunny, thus the name puppy-bunny.

The turkey was made by Holden. He comes out as a center piece this time of year.

The fish soap dish was also made by Holden. If you look closely, you can see that his tail had to be reglued on after an unfortunate accident. Puppy-bunny lost an ear that needed to be reattached, as well. Even with the bumps and bruises that they have experienced, I love them.

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Minor catastrophe

We (as in Russ) are making lots of progress on the den. The walls and ceiling are now textured. That was fun!!

Russ adding wall texture
                                                 Russ adding the texture to the walls. 

Next stop, the paint. I wanted a brownish color for the walls. Something warm. Due to special circumstances, I was unable to go to Menards to help pick out a paint color, so Russ went to Menards and brought home paint chips for me to choose from. There was something missing, but I didn't notice...I wasn't thrilled with any of them, but rightly sensing Russ' mood was, "Hurry up and pick one so I can get the paint on the walls and get this project D.O.N.E.," I chose a color and he began to paint. As it was going on the wall, I kept telling myself I liked the greyish, brownish, putty looking color. Due to Russ' afore mentioned mood, I was encouraging and supportive of the color choice, though I knew...deep down...I hated it...

The next morning, I took a peek in the den. I kept saying to myself, "It will grow on me. It looks fine." After an hour of lying to myself, I couldn't take it anymore. If we are going to paint it a new color, now is the time when the room is empty and there isn't any wood trim to work around yet. I took a deep breath and called Russ... 

Me: Hi, honey...Would you be mad if I told you I hated the color we are painting the den?

Russ: No...

Me: Can I go buy more paint? 

Russ:  *still in his get it D.O.N.E. mood* Sure...I'm sure I will like anything you pick out, so just go for it. 

Yeah!! I had a break in my special circumstances and the boys and I ran to Menards to get paint. 

As I began to look at the colors, I thought..."Wow! Russ didn't bring home any of these shades for me to look at." I found exactly what I was thinking of immediately. I did take a some time looking around, just to be sure. I didn't want to be hasty, after all, but I kept coming back to the first color I had found. I loved it. The boys agreed. I purchased. I decided to surprised Russ by having the room painted by the time he got home...

I was so tickled. I knew he would be so happy that I did the painting to save him time. I love it when he is happy with me. "This is going to be a great evening of marital bliss," I thought to myself. 

When he got home from work, I waited with bated breath as he opened the door to the den. He took one look and turned to me...

His face did not express the look I was expecting...

Russ: You like this color??

Me: *gulp* Yes...

Russ: Oh...

Me: *deep disappointment* You hate it!!

Russ: *deep sigh* Yes...I hate this color, but I'm sure it will grow on me. 

Me: *feeling the marital bliss hopes evaporate*  Oh...You told me you would like anything I got. I admit, I was surprised when I got to Menards and there was a whole section of colors that you didn't bring home for me to choose from. 

Russ: There was a reason for that...I hate those shades...Besides, that's the same shade of gold that the upstairs bathroom was painted and you hated it!

Me: I know...*hanging my head in shame*...I changed my mind and now I like it. 

I am blaming this on menopause.

PS...Marital bliss is restored. 

She's gone!!

November 17, 2008

Laurie, my BFF of 25 years, moved last weekend. I miss her so much!! Oh, great...I am crying again...*sniff* I remember the time I went to NH and brought home some big rocks for her to place in her garden. Bless her heart, she took them with her to her new home...Far, far away...FAR away...8 whole minutes away! Oh, how will I cope!? *sob* 

Congratulations, Laurie, on your new home!! I am thrilled for you!! See you soon! :-D

Things In My House Thursday #16

November 13, 2008

For your consideration, I present my favorite fork, spoon and knife. Pretty silly, huh? They are from the set of silverware that I grew up with. (If someone can figure out how to end that sentence without the word with, please tell me.) On one of the last days my mom was alive, I told her all kinds of things. Things I thought, but never said. I was compelled to say every little thing that I ever thought while I had the time. For example, I told her how much I loved the silverware. I was thrilled when she told me I could take a place setting. Maybe someday, I'll get the whole set. 

This next item is something else she gave me that day. I don't know for sure what it's used for, but I always thought it was neat. Maybe it's a butter knife, err flat spoon?? When I dug it out of the silverware drawer today, it was very tarnished, like it has always looked when I was growing up. Oh a whim, I used some silver polish on it and it cleaned up so nicely. I'm pretty sure it's not real silver. Maybe it's plated?? Anyway, I like it. :o)

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Kudos, Dan Phillips...

November 11, 2008

RS kuddos

Biblical Christianity: A Lament for America

Biblical Christianity: Reflecting on "A Lament for America"

Loretta and Jen

November 10, 2008

Reagan is playing hymns on the piano. When he played this one I thought of you...May it bring peace to your grieving heart...

Come now almighty King
Help us Your name to sing
We will declare Your praise
Righteous in all Your ways
Father, all glorious
O’er all victorious
Come and reign over us
Ancient of Days

Come now incarnate Word
Take up Your mighty sword
Our humble prayers attend
Faithful unto the end
Come and Your people bless
And give Your Word success
Lord of all righteousness
On us descend

Come Holy Spirit come
Your perfect will be done
Brighten our darkened hearts
Your precious life impart
Guide us into Your truth
So we might bear more fruit
Fill us with more of You
Spirit of power

To the great one in three
Eternal praises be
Timeless, unchanging Lord
Now and forevermore
Your sovereign majesty
May we in glory see
And to eternity
Love and adore

Original Lyrics by Martin Maddam (1726-1790)
Alternate lyrics by Bob Kauflin
Music by Bob Kauflin and John Spiro
As recorded on Upward

Brooklyn's great-grandfathers...Update

Update: Jen just called. Her grandfather died this morning. He is safe in the arms of Jesus. 

I got a call from Jen last night. Her grandfather (her mom's dad) broke his hip Friday night. His health is very fragile. I didn't think to get his name, but God knows what it is. 

Also, my daddy told me last week that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He didn't appear too anxious about it, but he tends to protect me, I think. 

Prayers would be very welcomed.

Grandpa Jack and Brooklyn
 My daddy with Brooklyn. 

Embedded comments box is fixed...

November 9, 2008

With sweaty palms and a backup of my blog waiting in the wings, I took a deep breath and clicked the link "revert widget templates to default" in the hopes that the embedded comments box would work once again. Eureka!! It worked! I only had to fix a few things to get my blog back to rights.

Now if only Blogger would let us have our favicons back. 

I'm going to live...

Boy, that was one nasty bug. Ish! 

Thanks for the prayers. :o) 

Beary bad sick...

November 8, 2008

If your tummy feels upset, believe it. I rarely ever get sick, except for migraines, and I can honestly say I have never been this sick in my life.

This nasty bug is now running through the family. Reagan is now sick...

Things In My House Thursday #15

November 6, 2008

Today, I present not a thing, but a who. :o)

This is my buddy who comes to my house every Thursday. Am I blessed or what!? 

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Brooklyn @ 15 months

November 4, 2008

I love this picture. Do you think it was a bit windy ? 

She doesn't seem very impressed with the baby gate, does she? ;o) The dogs weren't either. They were upstairs barking. When most of the guests left, we let the pups join us. They did great with Brooklyn! Scotty carried his ball and begged her to toss it for him. When she picked it up, he followed her, ever hopeful she would throw it. They never barked at her or herded her. I was so relieved!! They haven't had a lot of experience with toddlers, so I was nervous. 

Holden and Brooklyn

Mitchell teaching Brooklyn the fine art of playing Roller Coaster Tycoon Platinum. 

Cutest bed head I have ever laid eyes on. 

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