Things In My House Thursday #13

October 23, 2008

When I was in third grade I belonged to an organization called Camp Fire Girls. For Christmas that year our leaders took us to a local ceramic shop to make presents for our moms. My mom always wanted a ceramic cat sitting next to the fireplace, so my dad paid the extra money for me make the cat for instead of whatever the rest of the girls were making. I have a sneaky feeling my mom was really the one who made the arrangements for me to make the cat. *wink* 

Come join us for Things In My House Thursday! It's fun!!


  1. My grandmother had a cat like this and I loved it when I was young!

    Sadly, I have no idea what happened to it :(

    I'm with you on your mom being behind the cat's moms are clever like that : )

    Thanks for joining TIMHT and for taking care of my blogger probs! I feel blessed to know you!

  2. It's beautiful, Amy, and a sweet memory of your mom, too. :-)

  3. How sweet...and what a nice memory to go along with it. You did a great job on the cat. :)

  4. You have many sweet memories of your mom around the house. How neat!


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