Things In My House Thursday #12

October 16, 2008

I call this my treasure box. When I was in high school, it was an ugly brown box where I kept my keep sakes. Things like movie stubs, notes from friends and other small things like that. In 1981, my mom painted it and made it pretty. It's showing lots of wear on it now...

I keep it in my office to hold camera cords, seldom used office supplies, headphones and just stuff that needs a home. 

Come join us for Things In My House Thursday! It's fun!!


  1. Amy, I love your box, and it's so sweet you now have an added memory of your mom in the painting she did for you. Yes, indeed, it's a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your mom was quite a crafty, artistic person; the box is so pretty.

    We all need these catch-alls for that miscellaneous stuff that belongs nowhere...... but mine isn't ever in something so neat or useful : )

    Thanks for being part of TIMHT!

    p.s. - I fixed my stripes all by myself!!!!!!!! (but I wouldn't have known what to do if you hadn't told me what the problem was....)

  3. What a neat treasure! The wear shows the love given to it.

  4. My husband has a lot of treasure boxes... every time he fills one he just gets another box. Until I come along and make him clean them out.
    But to be fair, I am guessing your treasures are a lot more valuable/sentimental than the empty containers and pez dispensers and action figures and whatnot...


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