Things In My House Thursday #11

October 9, 2008

In honor of what would be my mom's 74th birthday, I am sharing my favorite picture of her. This family picture was on my dad's work desk for years and years. It's still in it's original frame, with the same crack in the glass. It was taken when she was 31. You can see it in my last post sitting in a place of honor on my Laurie's the buffet. 

Come join us for Things In My House Thursday! It's fun!!


  1. Wow, your mother was beautiful; I love everything about this photo - the smiles, the outfits - and the fact that it was on your dad's desk.

    Great memory and keepsake; Thanks for sharing!

  2. The fact that everyone's smiling makes me want to smile :)

  3. Your mom was such a gorgeous woman, Amy! Which one are you, the oldest or the youngest. The oldest girl looks like you, but I'm thinking I remember you were the youngest girl. :-o

    My mom and your mom must have been born the same year.

  4. I am the youngest with the waaay too short bangs!

  5. Yes, your mom is so pretty. What a great post for her birthday. I just knew you were the younger one. What a cutie!

    I love old family photos!

  6. What a great picture. What a happy picture!

  7. Great photo! Sweet smiles :)


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