My Husband Rocks ~ A fabulous vacation

October 17, 2008

Come join the fun of My Husband Rocks Friday.

A couple times a year, my hubby takes a week off to do his guy things. This last week he has been on his annual hunting trip. What's different this time around, is that the boys were old enough to go this year, which means, not only did he get his hunting vacation, but I also got my own vacation, too! I am very much a homebody and perfectly content to be at home. I enjoy going places, especially with my honey, however, my most favorite times with him are just being home alone with him. Those times are very rare. 

This last week, having the house all to myself, has been...glorious! It's quiet (like now) when I want it to be quiet, it's filled with music when I want it to be filled with music. I even had a friend stop by and we were able to have a real conversation...uninterrupted! I have loved every moment ONLY because I know he will (God willing) be coming back home to me. The best part of his hunting trips is greeting him in the driveway with a huge hug and kiss and seeing his smiling face look at me like no man has ever looked at me before....


  1. Yes, after completely enjoying the time for yourself, now you get the happy anticipation of seeing everyone climb out of the car - happy to see you!

  2. awww . . . i'm glad you've had a good week! hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, Amy... sounds like a great time with a wonderful reunion coming up soon! Thanks for stopping by and visiting earlier this week.


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