How does he do it??

October 26, 2008

I have sweated and toiled over this baby shower devotional for the last two days. Typing, deleting, typing, deleting. So far I have about one page written. Two minutes. Tops. And, it's not so great. I may just fall back on reading a poem on motherhood. *rolls eyes*

I was telling Jenny how hard it's been to write and she told me not to stress over it. Doesn't she know me well enough by now that I stress over everything? Of course she does, which is why she then said, "No one will remember what you say anyway." She knows I tend to take things far too seriously, get all perfectionist and freeze up. Reminding me that the world will not spin off it's axis if I don't do a great job with the devotional was just what I needed to hear. The ladies that will be there are my friends and they will extend grace to me as I stumble through the devotional on Tuesday night. 

What I want to know is this...How does my pastor do it? He writes 2 or 3 sermons a week! Long sermons. We don't get 20 minutes of fluffy stuff resembling Peeps. We get a good solid 40 - 50 minutes of expository preaching. A full course meal that is satisfying.

Hey! He has nothing better to do. Maybe he could write the devotional for me! You think??? 

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