October 28, 2008

Pastor Eric shared in passing to me the other night about how the Israelites didn't get to see the promised land because of their grumbling and Moses didn't get to see it because of his burst of anger.

I have a similar situation like this going on in my home. It looks like this:

Mitchell the Grumbler.
Amy the Angry.

By the end of the day after dealing with the grumbling I hear all day long, Russ comes home to an angry, frustrated wife who has lost all sense of sweetness, kindness, goodness and mercy. Last night, my precious husband chose to use our pillow talk time to mention that I have been sounding harsh with Mitchell. *Do I get any points for extending grace to Russ for his bad timing?? Pretty, please???* I got very defensive and wanted to justify my behavior. However, because of the series that pastor has been teaching us about peacemaking and not making excuses for our own sin, I decided to keep my mouth shut instead. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my cool and not lose my peace when dealing with a grumbling child all day long??


  1. You could send him to church. I'm sure those pastors, youth workers, Sunday School teachers, etc. know how to deal with grumbling kids!

  2. I have an even better idea, PASTOR Josh, youth leader extraordinaire, he can come live with YOU!! :-D

  3. I know of a situation where someone said "OK" to a comment like that, and the kids were dropped off for a couple-week stay (even though the person who said "OK" thought it was a joke). Soooo, though I'm sure my perfect parenting skills would solve all grumbling, I just can't take him in right now.

  4. Bummer...In all seriousness, I just got back from shopping. He loves one-on-one time, so I asked him if he wanted to go. He said he did and then grumbled...TWICE...that I was taking too long. *sigh* I was able to silence him with a look, but it makes me not want to take him again.

  5. Maybe taking away privileges when he grumbles? Have him work on memorizing some scripture about grumbling and complaining?

    Praying for you!


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