Being brave

October 12, 2008

When Russ doesn't go to church, I don't go. I don't like going "alone." It's only been in the last year, that I have braved going to church without him, but I had the boys in tow, which made it a wee bit easier. 

This morning, I am taking a much bigger step and am going to church completely alone, since the boys are with their dad hunting this week. God orchestrated a conflict that caused the baptisms that were scheduled for last week, to be moved to this week. I'd have to be on my death bed to miss the baptism of the darling couple, Mario and Amy, who are new believers in the last year, thanks to a faithful friend who kept on sharing the Gospel with them using the Way of the Master model. They will be sharing their testimonies and I can't wait to hear them! Which reminds me...I need to put some tissue in my purse. I cry at every baptism. And, I had better get going so I am not late for church!! 


  1. I don't like going alone either. And I cry at baptisms too. :) Hugs

  2. FairytaleCottageMonday, October 13, 2008


    This is really big thing in my life right now. My husband is bored with the church we are now in and doesn´t want to go. I am like you going alone is difficult for me. I pray God will make a way out of this situation.

  3. Why is he "bored" with church?? I have found that if I am bored with church it's because my heart isn't right. Could that be the case with your husband?? Is he reading God's Word?? Praying?

  4. I really like baptisms also. Ours are usually done at the James River and it's pretty neat to see people's reactions. It gives us a chance to explain what's going on....

  5. Those are all good questions...


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