October 15, 2008

I interrupt this day to bring a very important announcement. I have just received a report that Brooklyn can say, "Hi." Yes, that's right...She can now say, "Hi," and wave as she is saying it. 

It's official folks. We have a genius on our hands! 

Now back to your regularly scheduled day. 


  1. LOL! That's the cutest pic I've seen of her yet, Amy! I just love those tiny little bottom teeth and those enormous blue eyes.

  2. How precious. What a little nymph she is. Thanks for sharing the BIG news with the world, including your wannabe grandma friends.

  3. Everytime you post a picture of her I am just amazed at those beautiful blue eyes. She is just the cutest!!

  4. Smart and gorgeous! Everybody had better just get out of her way!!


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