Am I bored?

October 14, 2008

Russ asked me last night if I was bored yet with him and the "little ones" being gone. I confess...I am NOT! I am enjoying the time alone and having my house stay clean for longer than five minutes, but only because I know they are coming back in a few days and the boys need this time with their dad. I have to laugh though...Russ said they all tried to take a nap yesterday afternoon but Mitchell wouldn't stop talking. All I could say was, "Welcome to my world." 

Mitchell called me yesterday morning because he missed me. He told me he even misses me bossing him around. That makes me laugh. He and I had some pretty rough days lately. We are both strong-willed people and we tend to clash quite often. I knew he needed a break from me as much as I needed a break from him. Pastor Josh preached a sermon on Sunday night on conflict resolution that hit home with me and I knew I needed to apologize to Mitchell, which I did. I can now honestly say I miss him and his "yap-yap-yapping." 


  1. De-lurking to is so nice when we have a break for a couple of days! And it's nice for daddies to get to see what it's like for us all the time, too! :o)

  2. When Mike was on the road a lot, I did miss him, and always eagerly anticipated his return home....and yet, I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent going through the days at a pace and schedule solely of my own choosing. By the time his return was imminent, though, I was missing him so bad I could hardly stand it.

    Now that he and I are home together all the time, I wouldn't mind a day of solitude now and then. ;-)

  3. Nothing compares to having the house all to yourself - when that is not the norm.

    I crave and cherish those rare occassions, and am recharged enough to appreciate when the house is full again : )


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