Things In My House Thursday # 9

September 25, 2008

This week, I have decided to share with you my coat rack/shelf. The story behind this lovely maple piece is that my ex-husband made it for me for our first wedding anniversary. I like it and it's too practical to allow that small detail be a reason to get rid of it. *wink* For the last two Christmases I have forgotten to put the snowman box away. It may just need to live there from now on. 

When Holden was a little boy, he bought me the bugs. He thought I needed them, I guess. The butterfly I "get," the other creepy looking thing...I'm not so sure what was going on in his nine-year-old mind. I'm not so sure I want to know! I can remember his shining face as I opened up his gift. You would have thought he was giving me a fine piece of jewelry that Christmas morning. I realize they are dusty and I could have cleaned them up before I took the picture, but that would give you a false impression of my dusting skills. Besides, we have a lot more dusty work ahead of us in the den, so what's the point? :o) 
This next item is Holden's back pack from his freshman year of high school. It's held up fabulously! Reagan and Mitchell now use it for trips to the library and to piano lessons. "Decoy" is Holden's nick-name. He was given that moniker when he was in Jr High because of his very clever Halloween costume he wore that year. He went dressed up as a "stupid turkey hunter." He wore Russ' hunting gear and placed the turkey decoy on his head. He got a lot of compliments on that costume that year. The men especially loved it! I wish I had a picture of him in the costume. Holden has always been clever and he has such a quick wit. He has a one liner for everything. 

That's it for me this week. I can't wait to see what you decide to share for


  1. The 'decoy' story is a good one! But back to the shelf - very nice, and what a sweet anniversary gift that was.

    The butterfly is pretty, but I'd have probably accidentally lost that crickety-looking thing by now... : )

  2. How neat! What great memories, too! Love the Decoy name. :D Holden sounds very entertaining!

  3. You're a great mom, Amy. My son also brought me bugs when he was small, but I have none to show for it.

  4. Interesting..! I want to see that Halloween costume. Please share.


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