Things I forgot

September 16, 2008

Monday I had the privilege of babysitting a 7 week old baby boy named Tobin. It didn't take long for him to remind me of the things I had forgotten about the early weeks of caring for a baby. 

For example:
  • taking a shower is a luxury.
  • eating is, too.
  • should I mention the bliss of being able to visit the ladies' room?
  • dishes pile up very quickly. 
  • vacuuming doesn't happen. 
  • walking for miles without leaving the living room.
  • needing to change shirts on both parties several times a day. 
  • laundry piles up quickly, too.
I can't wait until he comes back again...  :o)


  1. Starting October 20, I will be watching a 9-week old full time so I know I am going to be missing a lot. I'm looking forward to it, though, I hope he doesn't tire me out too much!!


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