My Husband Rocks ~ Hardworking

September 12, 2008

Come join the fun of My Husband Rocks Friday.

We aren't done with the den yet, but it's getting close. All that's needed to do in there is inside work, so he is now working on the rest of the windows on the house to get most of them done before the snow flies. 

My baby works all day long doing some thing I don't understand with chips for cell phones, and then comes home and works another 4 or 5 hours on the house. I am grateful to have hardworking and highly intelligent man as my husband. 


  1. Amy,

    Blessings to you! God bless your grateful heart! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. how wonderful! he sounds fabulous! :)

  3. My girlfriend is in Fla also,

    hubands are a good thing, even if Martha doesn't know it

  4. What a sweet page you have here! God bless you and your 'baby'!


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