My favorite part of blogging...

September 30, 2008

My favorite part of blogging isn't writing. I enjoy writing, but I think I am rather boring. That's okay, though. I didn't have any expectations on being the next big thing in the blog world. :o) My favorite part is the behind the scenes things. I love to mess with my template and find new tricks and tips to use on my blog. I love learning how CSS works and figuring out html codes. 

For instance, last weekend I implemented a hidden admin control panel so I could hide the Blogger navigation bar. It makes getting around the behind the scene areas of my blog so much easier and it gives the added benefit of making my blog look tidy. 

This morning Sunny debuted her new blog look (which is lovely, btw) and shared a tip that was what I was looking for all day long yesterday! A way to create a numbered page navigation links to replace the 'older' and 'newer' links that are normally used to get around in the archives of a blog. Now that was enough to my heart go pitter-pat and I dove right in my template to make the changes. The script was super easy to install and I love how it makes getting around my blog much simpler. 

Since Sunny was gracious enough to share her find, I decided to share my favorite sites that have helped me makes changes on my blog, too. Besides, I had nothing interesting else to say today. 
If anyone needs help with changing the templates on their blog, I would be happy to help.

My dream, to create templates to share. Maybe someday. :o) 


  1. I want to know how to do all the things you do, but my brain is tired.

    You are more than welcome to update my blog template - it HAS to be the most boring one out there! Mary and I both would love something new if you're willing : )

  2. I love the variety in your blog. You are NOT boring! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Amy, you have a brilliant mind with a heart to match it!

  4. PS-And your writing style is VERY engaging!

  5. SORRY! I got so carried away by your skills that I didn't mention that OF COURSE you have wonderfully engaging writing - otherwise we wouldn't be out here reading it!! :)

    Always interesting subjects, as well.

  6. Thanks so much for all the links. One of these days I'll get around to looking at them and trying them out. ;-)


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