Love or Die

September 13, 2008

This morning I was catching up on my blog reading (I am still far, far behind) and began by reading book reviewer extraordinaire Tim Challies' post because his post title caught my eye. Love or Die.  It's the name of his latest book review. The following quote from the book is what prompted me to order my own copy. I'll simply say, my love is being tested at this time. 

Love requires both a subject and an object, thus love is a corporate learning experience. We grow in love by engagement with other people, not in isolation from them.

Christians cannot develop love by sitting at home alone on the couch watching TV preachers or by attending a weekly, one-hour church service. It is only through participation in "the household of God," the local church (1 Tim, 3:15), with all of its weaknesses and faults, that love is taught, modeled, learned, tested, practiced, and matured. By dealing with difficult people, facing painful conflicts, forgiving hurts and injustices, reconciling estranged relationships, and helping needy members, our love is tested and matures.

One simply cannot grow in love without the stresses and strains of life together in the household of God, the local church. The local church truly is "a spiritual workshop for the development of agape love" and "one of the very best laboratories in which individual believers may discover their real spiritual emptiness and begin to grow in agape love." If you are not a participating member of a local church, then you are not in God's school of love.

The book can be ordered from Lewis and Roth Publishers

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