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September 3, 2008

Sort of...An email I sent to Chris Rosebrough was read on his September 2nd podcast Fighting For the Faith. He mentioned something in his podcast last week that was so bold, so outrages and so shocking that I had to send in my 2 cents. 

You can hear my email being read in the first few minutes of the show


  1. Okay, that was interesting! I have to admit to cluelessness about Chris Rosebrough, and to the christian music you are referring to. I just don't listen to enough radio, I guess, or I'm not paying close enough attention.

    Do some of the "mainstream" contemporary Christian songs twist Scripture?

    Clue me in!!

  2. That was interesting. I'll have to listen more closely to my favorite Christian radio station. I've always just been happy not to hear naughty words on it.

  3. The following is spoken with much gentleness and care....

    To clarify...Songs that say "I am in love with Jesus," or any other phrase with romantic overtones, bug me. Jesus is NOT my boyfriend. He is my LORD, my KING, my MASTER.

    There are very nice songs on Christian radio. Clean and family friendly, but that doesn't make them Christian. Some don't even say His Name. Some are "all about me," when they should be all about Him. Others are very doctrinally sound and excellent songs to sing to our God.

    Okay, here is an example. Point of Grace sang a song called, "How You Live (Turn Up the Music)." It's a perfectly lovely song, but it could have been played on any radio station. What made it a Christian song was the fact that the women are Christians. Color me picky, but I think a Christian song should be about Jesus to make it a Christian song. Also, I don't "make wishes." I pray....

    Not every Christian radio station is like mine. Mine just happens to spend a lot of time talking about the right foods to eat, and other such chit-chat. It's "positive and uplifting," but the name of Jesus is not mentioned. I don't think they want to offend anyone. The thing is 1 Cor. 1:18-25 is clear that the Gospel is offensive and will sound foolish, but it's what God gave us to preach.

    Just some food for thought. :o)

  4. O.K.! I'm gonna start paying more attention.

    I think our Christian station may be "better" than yours : )
    but I DO KNOW what you are talking about with the "boyfriend" songs - I just hear those very rarely on our station. (Again tho, I may not listen enough).

    And by all means, a song should only be a Christian song because of the lyrics, not the singers!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Very cool that your email was read! I'm proud of you!

    A couple of my friends and I had this conversation last year.

    My friend began boycotting all Christian contemporary songs, however, she continued listening to the local country station. I didn't get it. The Christian songs weren't anti-Christian; although many were watered-down. However, many of the country songs were against our values.

    I like music that isn't against my values or Christian beliefs. I love contemporary Christian music and hymns. I like the oldies. So, I draw my lines at that point.

    I'd still rather my money go to a Christian-based store than a non-Christian based store. I think they're situation is like running The Swap; you're never going to please everyone. I don't mean that in a mean way, because you and I agree on the subject matter. So, while I am disturbed by the variety, I believe it's better than purchasing Christian products at Barnes & Noble or Hastings. Those places have many anti-Christian items and I can hardly go in there at times. I am very annoyed with many of the books that are propped up for those entering the store.

    I do know exactly what you're saying and I respect your viewpoint.

    It was also similar when dh/I decided to boycott Disney. We were so annoyed by "what" they supported. After awhile we decided to show our support for the family-friendly movies in order to have our entertainment and yet still make a statement.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. You have given me some food for thought.

    Iron sharpens iron. :o)

  7. Well, I'm still learning and growing, Amy. I was just throwing in my thoughts. The Lord may direct my paths in a different direction next week. I'm ready to listen!


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