Another school year begins

September 1, 2008

Tomorrow is the first day of my 8th year of homeschooling. I remember the first year I homeschooled the boys. I was terrified!! I was so afraid I would mess them up. I learned quickly to go with the flow and that my children learn in spite of me, not because of me. ;o) Having the support of the experienced moms on The Swap helped greatly!! 

Reagan is a freshman this year, which has caused me much angst over the last few months. I have been worried about what curriculum to use. I went back and forth for months. When his curriculum was delivered last week by our favorite UPS guy, Mark, we ripped open the boxes to give it a look. I began to relax when Reagan told me he was excited to start school. He is so easy to teach.

Mitchell, on the other hand, would be perfectly happy with an extended summer vacation. *wink* 

I expect us to have a great school year, just like the 7 previous school years we've had. :o)  


  1. I remember the excitement of beginning a new year.

    God bless your new school year with the boys, Amy!


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