Things In My House Thursday...#2

August 7, 2008

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Okay, this is complicated, but I think you can handle it...Russ' former wife's sister's husband, Denny made this clock for me a couple of years ago. So, that makes Denny and his wife, Debbie, Russ' former brother and sister in law. To further complicate things. We are best friends with them and Denny was Russ' best man when we got married. 

On to the clock....It all started as a joke. Denny does lovely work crafting furniture as a hobby and I teasingly told him if he needed something to do, I'd love a glass cabinet. He teased me right back and said he would make me one if I bought him a new muzzle loader. The game began...We teased each other for months. I'd say, "How's my cabinet doing?" He's respond, "Did you get my gun yet?" So, on  a whim, Russ and I bought the gun Denny wanted and gave it to him. That was a blast!! Seeing the surprise and shock on his face was gift enough for me, so I never mentioned the cabinet again. A few years later, I came home from puppy class and found this beautiful clock in my living room! It was my turn to be surprised. I LOVE it!!! I keep all my special pretties in it. You can see the bird from my first Things In My House Thursday post on the top shelf. 

If I asked Denny, I have a feeling he would agree with me and say the best part of our game was the giving, not the getting.


  1. That's a great cabinet, with clock no less, but I am still trying to absorb the former's and the 's and the in laws. . . .

    I do Love the story behind it! Those are such fun memories!

    What is 'puppy class'?

  2. That is a beautiful clock. Denny is a very talent craftsman!!

    We took Dasher to puppy class also. Ours was held at Petsmart and the trainer was very good. I'm so glad we got the training.

  3. Denny does lovely work. I'd like to hire him to make us a bed sometime. :o) He made one for his daughter as a wedding gift out of cherry. It's gorgeous!!

    MSM, I used to help teach puppy socialization classes. It was a blast!

  4. How neat! I didn't know that you were best friends with Russ' ex-wife's sister. That's unusual! :D

    I'm trying to upload my pic right now.

  5. Russ and Denny go hunting every year for a week. There was no reason to stop that kind of friendship just because a divorce.

    When Debbie and I met, we just clicked. We had a lot in common and we have a good time when we get together. :o)

  6. "Puppy Socialization" class..... that does just sound like an excuse for fun and cuteness.

  7. Following you out on that family tree limb got a bit complicated, but the clock is gorgeous!

  8. What a gorgeous clock!

    Hey, your blog is looking very nice. I think I need some lessons in blog makeovers :-)


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