Things In My House Thursday # 5

August 28, 2008

My momma received this clock from her dad in honor of her high school graduation. She treasured it because he picked it out and purchased it as a gift just from him. It's special when  daddy buys something for his little girl, no matter her age. It's a tiny little thing. Only 4 inches tall, not counting the dangles. I probably should have dusted it before I took the picture, but that would have given you a false impression. Dusting is not high on my list of things to do. 


  1. This is so cute and the history of it is very, very sweet.

    I love that it is tiny; does it still work?

  2. No, it doesn't work. I'm afraid to take it somewhere to get it fixed. I would be so very sad if something happened to it.

  3. Amy, I adore it! The story behind it makes it that much more special. :-)

  4. What a sweet gift from your grandfather to your mother once upon a time.

  5. It is so cute! I love the story behind it, too!

  6. A very special gift. I didn't even see the dust.



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