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August 5, 2008

On Sunday nights, Pastor Eric is teaching us systematic theology. At this time, he is teaching us about the attributes of God. I am learning things about God that I never was taught before. It's part of the reason why I feel like I have been reborn again in the last 16 months. I am finally getting fed solid meat of the Word. 

Meditating on God attributes has changed my prayer life. I still don't pray often enough, but when I do pray, I find it easier to talk to Him, for I know Him better. My worship time is more meaningful and deep. It has caused me to love my brothers and sisters more. More importantly, it has caused me to love Him more...I know that many today think that doctrines and theology isn't relevant today. Deeds not creeds, they say. I would say they are dead wrong. Studying doctrines and theology (creeds) has helped me to be more transformed in the likeness of Christ, which in turn, causes me to reach out to others (deeds). They go hand in hand. 

I encourage all my brothers and sisters in Christ, to take time to meditate on the attributes of God as part of your daily devotions. I know you will be blessed. :o)

If you would like to listen to Pastor Eric's systematic theology teachings, and I highly recommend them, they are available to listen to on line or via podcast here. I also highly recommend his teachings on the Gospel of John


  1. Thanks for the link; that looks like a great website that I need to give a little more time to.

  2. Okay, links plural. I was first just at the attributes site, now I've visited the others. : )


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