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August 15, 2008

Granger Community Church is #6 in the list 50 most influential churches in the US. Thousands of churches across the US have purchased sermon series from them. Keep that in mind. 

Earlier this year, along with 500 other churches across the US, they took their church growth movement survey to see how they were doing...

The results were interesting.
Good news:

- The congregation is excited about how they take care of the poor and needy. 
- The average age of those who attend Granger are very young compared to the rest of the churches in the US. (This will explain some of the bad news)
- Healthy balance: 43% of the church say they are growing in Christ or are Christ centered; 57% are exploring Christianity and are comfortable in the church.
- More people invite friends to come to church than the other churches surveyed do.

Bad news:

- For the last three years, new community attendance has flat lined. 
- They don’t know how to feed themselves to grow and mature in Christ.
- Bottom percentile in giving. (Young people = not as financially secure and not able to give generously and they like their stuff. *See below*) 
- The majority of the church body said that the #1 barrier to their growth was because it wasn’t a priority for them.

Horrifying news....
- The church body does not have a Biblical worldview
- 47% don’t believe in salvation by grace 
- 56% believe that Jesus isn't the only way to eternal life
- 57% don’t believe in the authority of the Bible
- 71% stuff is more important 
- 41% don’t believe that God is actively involved in their lives

Bottom line, over half of the church attenders at Granger are not saved, are not regenerated, are not born again and they are the 6th most influential church in the US? Wow! They grew a church, but not disciples. I also can't help but notice that all the horrifying news has to do with the congregation not being taught sound doctrine. 

Now for the GREAT NEWS!!!

The pastor repented and is taking responsibility for not feeding the flock. Change is coming to Granger. 


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  1. wow! this is scary stuff, but i bet it's a pretty good representation of the church as a whole in the u.s. we have gotten so soft (and believe me, i include myself in that) more specifics to pray about! - very convicting, too! thanks for sharing this


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