Things In My House Thursday...#1

July 31, 2008

When Mommy Sweet Mom shared about the new meme she was going to start, I knew immediately what I wanted to share about my bird first. It's one of my most favorite things. 

The bird originally belonged to my great aunts, Aunt Ceil and Aunt Wilma. It was passed down to my mom. Shortly before she died, I told my mom that I always loved the little bird. She took it off the shelf and told me to take it home. I didn't argue. :o)

This bird is not a knick knack. It has a specific purpose. Does anyone know what that would be?


  1. Is it an egg separator?

    It's really cute!

    - and I have Mr. Linky working now; it was touch and go for a while : )

  2. Good job on getting your Mr. Linky to work!

    No, it's not an egg separator. :o)

  3. Does it go in the middle of a pie to release steam?

    Cute Bird!

  4. DIng-DIng-DIng-DIng-DIng!!!! You win, Marilyn!! My great aunts used it in their restaurant. :o)

  5. Oh, see, I've never made a pie or watched anyone make one. . . . that is a cool piece of trivia for me!!

  6. Learn something new everyday!


  7. I knew. ;-)

    Not that I bake pies except for Thanksgiving . . .

  8. That's cause you are the pretty one, Kel. :o)

  9. Cute little bird. My first guess (before reading the comments) was that it was to release steam. I bought one of these kind of things (It was a blackbird) from Gooseberry Patch for a friend that makes a lot of pies last year for Christmas.

  10. It's darling, Amy. I can see why you love it so. :-)


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