My first crush...

July 24, 2008

I had the 45 and wore it out. Ahhh, memories....

Another good one...

Oh, look at what I found! You can watch the whole first season on line!!


  1. Oh, Amy . . . My walls were COVERED with photos of David Cassidy! I got to see him in person. My mom drove 100 miles so I could see him in concert. *sigh* I STILL think he's cute! And I have most of their songs memorized.

  2. I had SUCH a crush on David Cassidy when I was a teenager! Since you girls are younger than me, I'm thinking you weren't even yet teenyboppers when you were mooning over him. ;-Þ

    I'll have "I Think I Love You" running through my head all day now! ;-)

  3. Oh, I need to confess...I bought a Partridge Family album on iTunes today. :oP


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