Monday's Memory of Mom

July 14, 2008

Coffee should have been my Mom's middle name. She was a major coffee drinker. Having a microwave oven helped this little addiction of hers. She could warm up a cool cop of java in no time.

 Her coffee cup of choice was a tall Tupperware cup.  One that looked a lot like these. :o) That's all they were used for because they inherited a permeant coffee taste in them. 

She drank coffee all day long. No matter the season, though in summer she would occasionally have an ice coffee. There was always a cup of coffee with creamer within her reach. If she went without coffee for too long, she would get a "coffee headache."

Her favorite coffee when I was growing up, was either Folgers mountain grown coffee crystals or Taster's Choice. The deciding factor would be which one was cheaper. With her being so frugal, it's shocking that she would only drink a name brand coffee. In her defense, she tried the off brands, but they weren't as good. I think she deserved the best, though. *smile* 

Check out this commercial!! Now that's a blast from the past. :o)

Remember the Taster's Choice couple? 

I have learned to love coffee in the last few years. I choose to use a coffee pot and the most inexpensive coffee I can find, instead of instant coffee, but I drink it with creamer, just like mom. :o)


  1. I hadn't seen all those Taster's Choice commercials. I never knew how the story ended. ;-)

    I always thought the actor in that Folger's commercial bore a striking resemblance to Ronald Reagan.

    I like my coffee brewed from freshly ground beans. Once I tried them, there was no going back to canned ground coffee for me!

    I always enjoy your Mom memories, Amy. I feel like I'm getting to know her. Isn't it great the way people can live on through our memories of them?

  2. I know about the coffee headaches!! I'd visit relatives and drink coffee each morning but still get nagging headaches - they'd not bothered to tell me it was decaf! I know better now.

    I am picky only about NOT liking microwaved coffee and prefering to drink out of glass - not styrofoam, etc.

    I love these Mom stories like Renna does; it is fun to get to know her - and you at the same time. :)

  3. I like fresh-brewed best, too. I keep meaning to try the freshly ground beans like Renna, but I forget.

    You're sounding more and more like your mom. :D


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