Hours and hours...

July 18, 2008

...and nothing to show. I spent hours on my blog today. I have no proof. Guess you'll just have to trust me. :o)


  1. I see your little sheepie in the address bar. Um . . . isn't your background different, too? It's pretty!

  2. No, the background is the same. The sheep is new in the address bar, though. I played around in the template. I did and undid stuff all day yesterday. I like to see how things work.

  3. You're brave! I'm always worried if I try something new the whole thing will disappear!

  4. I have a back up, though I have never needed it. And I use the preview option a lot. I change something, click preview, if I like I keep, if not, I undo.

    What would you want to do different on your blog?? Can I help?

  5. I hope to have hours one day to play around on mine! I just get started on something and then I have to stop. Ugh!

    Like the favicon!


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