Brooklyn's 1st Birthday part 2

July 15, 2008

Enjoy!!! Be sure to notice the cover of the book that she is chewing on. :o)


  1. She is just precious, Amy! Is that the lime green outfit that you gave her? What a fun weekend.

  2. Brooklyn is absolutely gorgeous. I just LOVED the slide show.

    I enjoyed catching up with your blog today. Maybe my life is settling down to a more normal pace!

  3. Marilyn ~ Yes, it is. If you look closely, Brooklyn is holding the sheep I gave her. :o)

    Amy ~ You have been busy this summer! I was tired just reading your blog. :o)

  4. What a sweetie. Brooklyn is her name? I've never heard that before. How cute!

    I love your header with the sheep. I was looking for something like that for my blog but finally settled for just a green pasture.

  5. Eve ~ I found the lamb picture for my header on iStock photo (I think). They had some cute ones there. :o)

    Thanks for stopping by!! :-D

  6. Brooklyn is beautiful - those big blue eyes!!

    I am repeating myself, but I cannot express how happy I am for you to get to 'share' her. What wonderful people / families!!

    Speaking of that - I wish I knew who the different adults were in the pictures. . . .

  7. The young man with the curly hair, is my son, Brooklyn's birth father. The lovely young lady with the long dark hair is Kayla, Brooklyn's birth mom. :o)


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