July 9, 2008

Every year we have a big family bash at Adventureland. Most of Russ' sibs and their kiddos come and we make a day of it. It's lots of fun. This year, Mitchell wants to get enough courage mustered up to ride the Dragon.

What?? Am I going to ride the Dragon?? I rode it when I was younger. Does that count?? How about this...A couple of years ago I rode it. I decided that it was my last time. I'll ride the other roller coasters, but that one I am leaving to the younger set. :o)


  1. Sounds like fun! Yeah, I dropped the wild rides several years ago. I'm a party pooper, I guess.

  2. The last time we went to 6 Flags, when Nikki and Robby (stepson) were younger, Mike talked me into riding the wilder roller coaster there. I think it was the Texas Giant, though they have far wilder ones there now.

    I didn't know they snap your picture on the ride, as that was a new features since I'd gone in my younger years. I couldn't believe they wanted me to pay 5 dollars looking like an absolute fool! I was screaming, my mouth was wide open and my eyes were shut tight. My hands were white from gripping the bar so tight.

    Mike, on the other hand, also had his mouth wide open, in a big goofy smile, and his hands were held straight up in the air. The big show-off. ;-Þ


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