Adventureland in review

July 10, 2008

They aren't little boys any longer. 

They used to like these dragons....

Now their choice of Dragon is this one:

This used to be a favorite Wild West ride....

It was replaced with this one:

I guess it was bound to happen. 

Russ was chosen to participate in the magic show. Mostly because we all whooped and hollered for the magician to choose him. How could he refuse? :-P The magician caught the paintball that Russ wrote his name on in his mouth...Pretty amazing! 

*at the end of the video, turn down the volume. I whooped a little too loudly for my man. :-P *

My favorite part of the day was the circus show. We got to watch an aussie and a boarder collie show off with their frisbee tricks, a 16 year old young man fly out of a canon, a trapeze artist *Reagan said she needed more clothes on. ;o)* , a juggling act and a couple who did the quick changing of clothing trick, which most of us have seen on YouTube. 

It was a fun and exhausting day. :o) 


  1. It sounds like some great family memories were made, Amy. I LOVED the video of Russ, especially hearing you 'whooping it up for your man' at the end! ;-Þ

  2. What a wonderful family day. Great pictures and video!


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