The 500-year Flood and the Sovereignty of God

July 6, 2008

"The God we find in the Bible is not a self-neutered God. He is a sovereign, strong, providentially ruling God, who reigns over everything with all power. And, He is good. He is altogether righteous and just and none can question what He ordains or accuse Him of evil. To say that God cannot be who God says He is is incredibly demeaning to God. To say that He can only be spoken of in ways that are easily comprehendible by our finite logic is incredibly arrogant."

Paster Eric Schumacher, July 6, 2008

Read the rest of his sermon on his blog An Infant in a Cradle

When it's available, you can listen to it here

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful quote. It is so true. And comforting to know that God is in control and all He does is for our good and His glory. Great reminder!!


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