Monday's Memory of Mom

June 30, 2008

It's been a wild last two weeks. 

First, a devastating flood. Last week, we were to go on a week long camping vacation, but I couldn't go. It was too soon after the flood. I needed to stay here just in case Elizabeth needed me. It just felt odd to go when so many were suffering and might need help. So, we cancelled it and stayed home. 

I spent the cancelled vacation week uploading and building a new forum for The Swap.  The old one was getting corrupted and no longer had support, so rather than wake up one morning and find it gone, Kel and I  were proactive and got a new one uploaded and set up. I knew it was going to be work, but I had no idea the amount of time and thought each decision was going to take. I've been online working on it every waking moment all last week. Some days, I would be on from 6:30 in the morning until 10:30 at night. As Kelly said, "Fried brains smell good!!" Other than some minor tweaking here and there, the New Swap is done, up and running and the Swappies seem to be adjusting rather well. 

What does this have to do with my mom?? Nothing. *wink* Except to say I could hear her voice saying, "Amy...Slow down! Why do you always have to move so fast?" I felt like I was meeting myself coming and going over the last few weeks. The end is in sight, but I have to "move fast" to get the things I need to get done today. And I need to start NOW!!



  1. It's been an amazing couple of weeks, hasn't it? I wouldn't have wanted to take that ride with anyone but you! :-)

  2. It just thrills my heart to see how you two (Amy & Kelly) have taken together! :-)

    Your hard work has certainly paid off, but you better heed your Mamma's voice, Amy. :-)

  3. No one puts up with me like you do, Kelly!! :-D

    I love it when Kel and I are IMing each other and we say the same thing at the same time. That's happens a lot!

  4. Renna and I wanted you to have someone as compatible as were in the adventure. Kelly came along at the right time and the two of you are perfect for the journey.

    Your mom was right, so listen to her!


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