Flood of 2008

June 12, 2008

Last night we traveled on hwy 30 and I-380 so we could see the flood. It was too dark for me to take pictures. It's one thing to see it on TV or by photograph, it's quite another seeing it with your own eyes. 

I found this slideshow of photographs of the flooding on You Tube. They were taken last night. Things are much worse now and more is yet to come. 


The Czech Slovak Museum is half under water. 
Train bridge is gone.
It looks like 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ave bridges have water on them. 
All of downtown is underwater. 
Last night, the water was in the Dairy Queen parking lot. Today, the water is up to the roof.

The crest is due tomorrow. 

The original crest estimate was 24.4 feet (flood stage is 12 feet.) As of now (3:00 PM) the estimate flood level now is 25.4 feet, so they are readjusting the estimate of the new crest height, which still expected to reach our area Friday morning. We are at the 500 year flood plain level.

The water is up to the bottom of the front doors of this beautiful church

The new crest estimate is over 28 feet. 3 feet over the flood plain level . More homes may need to be evacuated. 

The river is measuring 29.32 feet. Estimated crest 32 feet. 

More homes being evacuated in Cedar Rapids and Indian Creek is now flooding. It's raining again after already getting 6-8 inches of rain already today. 


  1. We've been watching this on FOX NEWS and praying for everyone. It's horrible. Listening to them interview the displaced is sad.

    As much as I'm hating our drought; I prefer it to flooding.


  2. It's unreal...Seeing houses with water up to their roofs. Unreal...

  3. How close are you to all this? Also, is Cedar Rapids where they had a bad flood in the 90's and there was a fire that couldn't be contained b/c of the flooding?

  4. I am far enough away that I am unaffected directly. My house is safe. My friend's house, is flooded in the first floor, most likely.

    Yes, in '93 we had a flood. That one pales in comparison to what we are seeing now. Think of it like this...A bucket of water dumped on the ground vs an olympic size swimming pool about of water dumped on the ground.

  5. That puts it in perspective. Thanks. I'm praying for everyone out there!


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