Clean up is about to begin!

June 17, 2008

Elizabeth and her husband get to see their home today. Tomorrow we plan on beginning the cleaning process, which basically will be getting rid of garbage and salvaging what we can. They will need to make some big decisions on what to do with the house. Tear down and rebuild or fix it as it is. It will all depend on what they find today. 

Latest update:
They saw their home. They said it was a mess and smells horrible, but it's not as bad as they expected. 

These are my new loverly boots. They were sold out of pink ones. I asked. *wink* I got my tetanus shot today, so I am good to go! 


  1. I absolutely cannot imagine what this is like for ya'll.

    Apparently your neighborhood / house is safe?

    I love the videos you've been posting; as shocking as the images are, it is touching to see people working side by side to do whatever can be done.

  2. Yes, my home is fine. :o) I'll be taking pictures tomorrow. My hope is that lots of people from church come and we can help Elizabeth's neighbor's, too.

  3. My heart is so heavy for everyone involved in the flooding this year.

    I'll continue praying! I'm also hoping that the clean up will go faster than anyone expected.

    Your boots are great! You are a good friend.

  4. Your boots should be your Wordless Wednesday picture. It shows Christian love in action!


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