May 1, 2008

Laurie tagged me and I am to share 6 little known things about me that most people don't know.  This is hard because I am an open book with people who I've known for a while...A little too open at times, probably. *wink*

1 ~ I got my navel pierced 10 years ago. Why? I don't know!!! It seemed like a good idea at the time. 
2 ~ I love to play Sims 2. 
3 ~ I was the first Christian in my family.
4 ~ Because my mom's doctor convinced her she was having a boy, I didn't have a name when I was born. Jonathan David wasn't going to work. My dad gave me my first name. My sister, who was in first grade, got the honor of giving me my middle name. She wanted to name me after one of the characters in her reading book... Puff. My dad convinced her that Jane was a much better choice. Thanks, Daddy!!
5 ~ I would love to learn how to make my own glass beads and be a glass blower.
6 ~  My mom did home day care my growing up years, so instead of playing with dolls, I got to play house with real babies. 

I tag:
Mommy Sweet Mom (I am so embarrassed! I don't know her REAL name! But I love her blog and that's what counts, right?)
Amy ~ On a Joyful Journey
Theresa ~ New Teaching Mom


  1. You definitely don't look like a Jonothan David. ;-) I was so sure my son was going to be a girl, that I had only one name picked out, and it was a girl's name. In my groggy state following birth, I told my (then) dh he could name the baby, a fact I later regretted! ;-)

  2. I think Amy Puff would have been a really nice name. ;)

  3. Well, I know what one of my 6 things will be : )

    Having been at the zoo all day yesterday, I missed being tagged, but I'm on it now!!

    (and yes, I think Puff would've been a great middle name, too) . . .


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