Nursing home birthday party

May 6, 2008

I just got home from a favorite activity that we as a family do each month. A birthday party at a nursing home that is very close to our church. Our church "adopted" the nursing home to be one of our ministries. We, as a family, got involved over a year ago. It's so much fun!! And the clients appreciate it so very much. My job is to write out the birthday cards for the clients having a birthday during the month and buy them each a helium filled balloon. Howard, a client at the nursing home, plays the piano for us while we attempt to sing hymns with the clients. Attempt is the key word. It's a good thing most are very hard of hearing. *wink* Russ usually gives a short devotional, we pray, sing our hymns, sing Happy Birthday, pass out the cards and balloons and then the fun begins!! We serve the clients cake and ice cream and spend the rest of our time chatting with them. 

Howard playing the piano for us. He plays all the hymns by ear. He can't read music. 

I have a favorite friend that I sit with each month. His name is Terry. He needs help to eat, so I feed him his cake and ice cream and I talk. It's hard for him to speak, so I try not to ask too many questions. He is the sweetest, most gentle man. When I told him good bye and I would see him next month, he looked at me and said, "Thank you for being so kind to me." I just cried...He thinks I am blessing him, but the truth is, he blesses me...

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  1. What an awesome ministry, Amy, and what a great example to train your children to be servants.


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