Monday's Memory of Mom

May 12, 2008

My mom had a brilliant idea. When the Barbie doll came out, her plan was to buy my sister all the Barbie, Ken and Midge dolls and me, all the Skipper, Skooter and Ricky dolls. I was the little sister, you know. It didn't take her long to realize that production of this doll was going to be huge and there was no way she would be able to keep up. I have a faint remembrance of going uptown with my mom and sister to buy our first Barbie dolls. 
You can tell from the pictures that I didn't play with my dolls very much. Mom made clothes for our Barbies from scraps of the clothes she made for us. 

I'm think this is Skipper, but I have her in a Skooter box...Notice the $1.99 price tag! 

I think I have Skipper's swim suit in one of the Barbie cases. She is wearing a dress my mom made. 

This is Skooter for sure.  She has freckles. Love those pj's! 

Ricky's swim suit and cover up are in the box. I once took Ricky swimming in our ditch and I almost lost him. He's been in therapy ever since. 

One of my sister's Barbies...I have one that belongs to Sis where Barbie wears a wig. It's funny!!

I know she spent hours making clothes for our Barbies. I recall her telling me that they were hard to make because they were so small. This was before Velcro, so the dresses were fastened with tiny snaps that she had to sew on. 

I didn't appreciate her as much as I should have....


  1. Marilyn@A Mixed BouquetMonday, May 12, 2008

    This is a fun post. Your dolls look sooo much better than mine. I was excited when Mom made me or my dolls, but I don't think that I appreciated them as I should have.

  2. Your Barbies (we always referred to the lot of them as "Barbies") look FAR better than mine, Amy. ;-Þ I spent many hours playing with mine, though. I don't have the boxes to any of mine, but I do still have my Barbie case. Barbie, Ken, Midge, and Skipper are all living happily together in it.

    I cracked up at your "therapy" line. ;-Þ

  3. I played with mine soooooooo much, and none of them survived until my adulthood. . . : (

    My grandmother made clothes for mine, even elaborate wedding dresses. I liked them, but of course there is no way for any young child to understand and appreciate the work and love that goes into that - you shouldn't feel badly about not realizing how special her handiwork was. : )

    I liked getting my Barbies together with my brother's GI Joes, but he did not go along with it!!!


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