Monday's Memory of Mom

May 26, 2008

Is there anything better than your mom's cooking? My mom was a fabulous cook. She was one of those who could mix a bunch of different ingredients together and make it taste delicious. I am convinced it is a gift and one that I didn't get. I won't be leaving my children with the same memories that my mom left with me. 

During one of my visits to her home, I told her I wished that Campbell's hadn't changed the way they made their tomato soup. She looked at me with a puzzled expression on her face, so I went on to clarify that I loved the tomato soup she made when I was a child. She laughed, "Sweetie Poo....I made that soup from scratch. Soup didn't always come in a Campbell's Soup can." 

Now, am I the only one who didn't know that?? 

I wish I had written down the instructions on how to make it. I haven't been able to find the recipe on line. I know she said something about adding the milk in the right order or you would get blue soup. If anyone knows anything about this chemical reaction, I sure would like to hear about it! 

Then there was the cookie incident. I called mom and asked her for the recipe for Virginia Zugs. It's a sugar cookie recipe where you form the dough in a log and freeze it. It was the original slice and bake cookie. She said, "You do know that Virginia Zug is the name of the lady who gave me the recipe, not the name of the cookie." 

Uhh, no I didn't! 

One time she served cheese cake for desert. It was the best cheese cake I had ever eaten. I asked her if she had the recipe. She said, "Oh, yes...It's very easy. You go to Aldis and buy the cheese cake box mix and follow their instructions." 

Now that's the kind of cooking I can do! 


  1. Marilyn@A Mixed BouquetMonday, May 26, 2008

    My mom is a great cook, too. I can do it, but I'm often too lazy. :P

  2. My mother's homemade vegetable soup and her wacky cake. I simply can't make either one of them and I am a good cook. sigh. I loved this post.

  3. Amy, I bet you made your mom laugh alot! ;-)


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