May 20, 2008

In honor of my 100th post and following the tradition of Overwhelmed With Joy, that I found on Mixed Bouquet, here is my list of 100 Things About Me.
1- I am a born-again Christian.
2- I believe "once saved, always saved."
3- I believe in the doctrine of election.
4- I would say I am reformed in my theology.
5- I believe there will be a rapture and a literal 1000 year reign, however, I could be wrong.  
6- I am remarried.
7- I have 4 children, two are adopted.
8- My first grandchild was placed for adoption.
9- I have had a miscarriage.
10-I would love to have more children.
11- I used to keep journals as a teen. I had 15 or 20 notebooks full of my writing. Sadly, they are gone now.
12- I am a motherless daughter.
13- My mom and I had a very difficult relationship for a long time. God healed it several years before she died.
14- I lived in Hawaii for 6 weeks with a friend who was stationed there.
15- I believe in love at first sight.
16- I worked in a nursing home for 5 years.
17- I worked as a special education assistant in the early childhood program for 4 years.
18- I always wanted to be a wife and mother growing up.
19- I want to live in the country.
20- I'd rather do yard work than house work.
21- I love glass. Paperweights, marbles, vases, stained glass anything, etc.
22- I love color and need to be surrounded in it. No egg shell white walls in my home!
23- Clay is the first dog I have ever owned.
24- Day Lilies are my favorite flower. I add several new varieties to my garden every year.
25- I hated PE and skipped as often as I could and still graduate.
26- I still have my Mrs. Beasley doll.
17- I was a bone marrow and stem cell donator.
28- I am afraid of heights, but not of flying.
29- I am the middle child.
30- I do not like open ended questions.
31- My sister is mentally ill.
32- I do not like to cook, but I love to bake!
33- My normal size is anywhere between a 12-18.
34- When I was going through my divorce, I wore a size 2 (and some were big on me). Ugh! I looked sick....
35- I single handily keep Peanut M&M's in business. The best ones are the Easter colored ones. I wish they made them year round.
36- I collect sheep.
37- I love antiques.
38- I started smoking when I was 29.
39- I quit for 3 years in 1999.
40- I quit smoking again...for the LAST September, 2007.
41- I never wear sun screen.
42- I have a rebellious streak that shows up every now and again.
43- I had my navel pierced in 1998.
44- No tattoos, but I considered it.
45- I don't like clutter, but dust doesn't bother me.
46- I love to play Sims 2 on my computer.
47- I love wearing my husband's clothes. More often than not, they wind up in my closet.
48- I would much rather be hot than cold.
49- Except for 6 months when I was 5, I have lived in the same county.
50- I live a few blocks from the home my parents lived in when I was born.
51- My parents were born and raised here, as were their parents.
52- I used to love to watch Hogan's Heroes with my daddy.
53- I have never been drunk, nor experimented with any drug.
54- I used to have anxiety attacks when driving over bridges.
55- I  like picking up after my husband.
56- He would appreciate it, however, if I didn't wash his plate until I've asked if he is done eating.
57- Doing laundry is fun.
58- I am very picky about how clothes and towels are folded, however, I don't complain if someone helps me and they don't do it "right." I'm grateful for the help. :o)
59- I'm impulsive.
60- I'd rather be home than anywhere else.
61- I used to be terrified of computers.
62- I am a Mac snob. PCs drive me crazy!!!
63- I wear a toe ring.
64- I love jewelry, purses and shoes.
65- I've always wanted to adopt a little girl from China.
66- I love it when someone combs my hair. I find it relaxing.
67- I also love it when Russ rubs my feet.
68- I've discovered that I am smart. In school, I didn't think I was.
69- I wish I could find my high school friend, Ronald Johnson.
70- I hated high school.
71- Going to reunions is not my idea of a good time.
72- I'd rather chat via email than via the phone.
73- I love to sing.
74- I wish I could play the piano.
75- I can play some songs by ear.
76- My very favorite book from my childhood is "Charlotte's Web." I read it over and over again.
77- My favorite book series and one I read over and over again, is "Little House in the Prairie." I still have the books I bought when I was in 6th grade.
78- I saw the original Star Wars movie in the theater 7 times.
79- I am not concerned about growing older.
80- I thought my mom didn't love me when I was growing up.
81- I wanted to be an astronaut, until I found out you had to be good in science and math.
82- I like math now.
83- I have dealt with an eating disorder.
84- I am estranged from my siblings.
85- I thought all homeschoolers were weird. Now I are one. *wink*
86- Too much noise and activity makes me tired.
87- I don't know my right from my left and frequently turn the wrong way when traveling.
88- I've never had a traffic ticket.
89- I don't speed.
90- I don't understand people who get upset with other drivers.
91-  I sleep in one of Russ' his t-shirts from the laundry hamper.
92- I love how my hubby smells.
93- He thinks that's strange.
94- He loves me anyway. :o)
95- Russ is my most favorite person in the whole world.
96- Laurie is my 2nd most favorite person in the whole world.
97- I love my church family.
98- I hope no one reads this list. It's rather boring.
99- This wasn't as hard to write as I thought it would be.
100- My goal in life: To glorify God and enjoy Him forever....

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