Feminine Appeal

May 20, 2008

Some women in our church began a new Bible study using Carolyn Mahaney's book, Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother. It's a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. It would make a great wedding shower gift for the bride-to-be. :o)

Last Wednesday we discussed chapter 2, The Delight of Loving My Husband. I do delight to love my husband. I am very grateful that God has blessed me with him. He is very generous and has such a tender heart. He would do anything for me if it were in his power, so I am very careful not to take advantage of him. When he asks me what I want for a gift giving occasion, I don't have an answer. You see, HE is my greatest gift this side of heaven. love being his wife...Last week, I was supposed to ask my husband which of the seven virtues listed in Titus 2 would he most like to see me to grow in. *clears throat* I haven't been brave enough to ask, until tonight. You see, he is so perfect and I am so very far from it...Poor guy, he is a saint to be married to me! 

Here are the 7 virtues:

1- loving my husband (easy! He is so lovable!) 
2- loving our children (easy, as well) 
3- self-control (well, I am still impulsive, but I'm making strides in that area)
4- purity (doing well) 
5- working at home (Ooops!)
6- kindness (need to work on my tone with my children)
7- submission (easy...He has my best interest at heart)

Earlier today I was talking to my friend, Elizabeth and she was telling me what her hubby's answer was when she asked him what area he would like to see her grow in. I loved his answer so much, that I called my Russ...

Me: Honey...I'm supposed to ask you what areas you want me to grow in and I love what Anthony told Elizabeth, so I want you to have the same answer, okay? 

*note: Sometimes I "help" Russ with his answers by giving him the answer I want before I ask the question. I am such a great help-meet, huh? :-P *

Russ: Okay...What was his answer?

Me: He told Elizabeth he would appreciate it if she would keep the ice tray full so he could have ice in his drink when he comes home, so can I make sure there is ice in the freezer for you, too?

Russ: Umm...We have an automatic ice maker, you wouldn't have to do anything.

Me: I know!! That's why the answer is perfect!! 

I'm very blessed to have a husband who appreciates my sense of humor. :o) 

When I asked him tonight what his real answer would be, his first answer wasn't on the list. He is blessed to have a wife that appreciates his sense of humor! *wink* Seriously, I thought he would say to work more in the home. I tend to be on the computer too much, but he said he wants me to work on the area of self-control by reading my Bible every morning and praying. I am so blessed to have a husband who cares about my spiritual growth. I told you he was perfect! 

Go ahead, be brave. Ask your husband what area he would like to see you grow in. While you do that, I'm going to go make some ice. *grin*


  1. Amy, I'm so glad you're reading this book. I read it during our twenty-fifth year of marriage along with some other great books on marriage. I love Carolyn's writing style. I'm currently reading Girl Talk written by her and her daughter. It's very good, too!
    Hey, um, if you're on the computer....... go work.

    See ya,

  2. Marilyn@A Mixed BouquetTuesday, May 20, 2008

    I haven't heard of this book, but will check it out.

    Enjoyable post!

    Dana, we're hitting #25 in March 09. :D

  3. Yikes, I'm not sure that I have the nerve to ask Mike that, Amy. ;-Þ

    The book sounds very intriguing!

  4. This book is in my "to be read" pile. I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm starting "Holiness" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss with some of the ladies from church. Our first meeting is next week.


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