The Arm of Grace is Very Long

May 15, 2008

When you have a child/children who are lost and have turned their backs on anything that has to do with God, it's easy to despair. May this excerpt from J.C. Ryle's sermon, Many Shall Come,  be an encouragement to you. I know it was to me...

J. C. Ryle, "Many Shall Come"

Let us learn never to despair of the salvation of 
anyone--as long as he lives. Fathers ought never 
to despair of prodigal sons. Mothers ought never 
to despair of self-willed, headstrong daughters. 
Husbands should never despair of wives, nor 
wives of husbands. There is nothing impossible 
with God. The arm of grace is very long, and 
can reach those who seem very far off. Let us pray 
on, and hope on, for others--however unlikely 
their salvation may appear to be at present. 

The Holy Spirit can change any heart!

The blood of Christ can cleanse away any sin! 

We shall see many in heaven, whom we never 
expected to see there. Grimshaw, the famous 
pastor of Yorkshire, when he died, left his only 
son unconverted, careless, thoughtless, and 
indifferent to true religion. The day came when 
the young man's heart was changed, and he 
walked in the steps of his holy father. And 
when he lay upon his deathbed, one of his 
last words was, "What will my old father 
say--when he sees me in heaven!"

"Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short
 to save!" Isaiah 59:1


  1. I was just going to stop by and say that I love Iowa, but I read your blog today. That is so powerful. I am printing it off and putting it on my fridge. Back to Iowa - I lived in Alta for a while, loved it there! We moved to Utah after that, but one of my sister's moved back to Iowa, went to college there and settled in Dallas Center, unfortunately she passed away in 2005 of malignant melanoma. Suzie - Lily's mom

  2. Me again! I was looking at your past blogs and saw "adoption" We adpoted Lily. Her birthmom "Mommy Alison" was 17 when she got pregnant. We keep in contact with the birth family still, almost 9 years later. Lily has pictures in her room of Mommy Alison and her little sisters. We have actually run into them a few times around the state! It was an amazing journey for us, me inparticular. I know how very painful it is placing that child with another family, but KNOW how very much these precious children are loved!

  3. YES the arm of grace IS LONG!! Thank God...and the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avail MUCH.
    His ear is not deaf and His arm is not short.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your sister's death. :o(

    I've lived in Iowa my entire life and all but 6 months of it in the same county. :o)

    I hope it's okay that I added your daughters blog to my blog list.

    Check out my BFF's son's blog and you will see why I enjoy Lily's blog. :o)

    I'm glad the post was an encouragement to you. Here is another article that is very good and bring encouragement to me.

  5. Me again, too...I also have two adopted sons of my own. I have experienced adoption from both sides. :o)

  6. Great post. On Sunday, my pastor mentioned that wives should never give up on their unsaved husbands, but should be praying.

    My husband is an unbeliever, and that got my attention, because I do tend to despair.

    Now this post! God is talking to me : )

    Thank you for letting Him use you!!

  7. That's a very encouraging post, Amy.

  8. Hi.. I enjoyed my visit to your blog, what a wonderful post and reminder that those we raise up in the Lord, and have gone astray the Lord promises they will always be reminded of where they started off in life, and one day will return to their first love, Aloha and God Bless... Lorie


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