Monday's Memory of Mom

April 21, 2008

What does my mom and Mary Poppins have in common?? Other than the fact that she was practically perfect in every way? *wink* Not much. But every time I hear the name Mary Poppins, or watch the movie with my family, I can't help but think of my mom.
When I was almost 4, my mom took my sister and I out on a special outing...Just the three of us. We went out to dinner at a restaurant that had a big red rooster on the roof and then we went to a movie theater to see my first movie, "Mary Poppins." I'm not positively sure, but I think the theater that we went to was the Plaza theater. I remember the large blue velvet drapes that covered the screen and the blue upholstered rocking seats. 

I wish I could remember more....
For you youngins', this is a record album.


  1. Marilyn@A Mixed BouquetMonday, April 21, 2008

    I loved that movie! I saw it in the theater, too.

    As you write these memories, Amy, you need to keep copies and make booklets. Spruce them up with flowers or your sweet lamb. :D

  2. My Heart For Him (Jesus)Monday, April 21, 2008

    definately one of my childhood favorites as well. We had that exact same album... I nearly wore it out!!!


  3. I'm almost sure I had that album. I remember singing "Spoonful of Sugar" and the cover looks very familiar.

  4. I remember going to this movie too!


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