Monday's Memory of Mom

April 7, 2008

Sorry, everyone....Not a good weekend for writing a meaningful post about my mom. My darling, wonderful, amazing and perfect-for-me husband and I needed to spend extra time together to work out a misunderstanding. We did. :o)

BUT!!! I did find something last week. I was looking for something in my cedar chest and found this treasure!!  
I squealed with delight!! A sheep! How wonderful for my mom to paint a sheep on a tin container, long before I saw myself as a sheep. :o)

Inside I keep important *wink* things...
A thumb drive, my iPod dock connector, dental floss (have you flossed lately?), a dollar and some change. Now, that makes me smile. :o) 


  1. One BLEAT! Amy, your sheep theme is too cool. And the sheep from your mom . . . what keepsake! (I'm going now, to floss!)

  2. I'm happy you and R worked out the misunderstanding. :-)

    I love the sheep tin. Your mom was such a talented artist.

    I especially love your new header. I wish I had half your computer smarts! ;-Þ

  3. I don't know that I am smart, but something sure clicked tonight and I had a blast!! Photobucket is my friend!! :-P

  4. Nothing brings a husband and wife closer together like a new black lab...

  5. Marilyn@A Mixed BouquetTuesday, April 08, 2008

    What a neat tin! I love it and I love your new header!


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