Happy 14th Birthday, Son...

April 17, 2008

One of my babies is 14 today!! Though Reagan isn't a child from my body, he has always been a child of my heart. Last July, he became my son through adoption. Reagan is a godly young man that is coming into his own. I'm excited to see where God takes him in service to Christ.
Reagan is very funny, though he doesn't always try to be. He is one of those that came into common sense a bit late in life. Example, adoption day funny....

Reagan pondering something the judge said. "Mom? If I am a minor now, does that mean when I turn 18 I will be a major?" Yes, he was serious!
Another example. He just now said it as I was trying to think of another example!
Reagan: Mom, when I get up, I'm sometimes dizzy.
Me: That's because you're sitting up too fast.
Reagan: Oh....I thought it was because I was laying on my side and all the blood had rushed to one side of my brain.
Happy Birthday, Son....I love you!


  1. Reagan sounds like a fun kid to have around. ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Reagan!

  2. He keeps me laughing. Honestly,he never stops smiling. In fact, I'l bet he's smiling in his sleep! I'll have to sneak in his room some night to find out. *wink*

  3. Marilyn@A Mixed BouquetThursday, April 17, 2008

    He does sound like a neat guy! You are both blessing to each other!

  4. Happy Birthday, Reagan! I think I'd LIKE that kid! :-)

  5. What a sweet pic!

    Happy belated birthday!


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