Growing up is so hard to do

April 4, 2008

We are having a crisis of letting go of parts of childhood in our home. I am ready to let go of the swing set and get some of my yard back. Besides, the boys rarely play on it any more and I know another family would be blessed to have it. 

The object of the crisis....

Mitchell believes otherwise. He is having a very difficult time with this brilliant idea his mother has hatched. Here are just a few ways he has tried to convince me to keep the swing set:

~ "You know, mom....That tower comes in very handy for weather spotting." This coming from the boy who loves all things weather, and yet is the first to fly to the basement as soon as a hint of a storm is brewing. 

~ "Mom...I am going to have children one day...You are going to need that swing set." Do you think it will still be usable in 15-20 years???

~ "Mom...We need the swing set to store the sticks." When I didn't respond with glowing accolades of how smart he was and how he saved us all from losing the one thing that the sticks could lean on, he tried this piece of manipulation, "Okay...I guess they will just have to be all over the yard," which he knows drives me batty. I informed him that the sticks could go to a new home...The trash can. "Uhhhh...Never mind, Mom."

I told Mitchell that if Pastor Eric takes it to his house, I was sure he would allow him visitation rights. *wink* If Pastor doesn't take it,  I have a feeling the swing set will be staying right where it is for another year. After all, the sticks do need a place to live. :o)


  1. Anyone with sons can relate to "the sticks". Why do we spend money on toys, anyway?

  2. Sticks and boxes and ROCKS.

  3. Sticks, boxes, rocks and balls to throw, catch and fall on.

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist :-)


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