2 Blind Squirrels and a Bunny

April 10, 2008

One of my favorite podcasts is Two Blind Squirrels. I think Faith and Brad are hilarious! My very, very favorite show to date is Baby Bunny. I laughed until my sides hurt! 

Faith's baby bunny story inspired me to share my baby bunny story. *Warning: Gross Alert*

Here is my bunny story, starring Miss Maya, an australian shepherd I fostered for a few months. 

The story begins on a hot summer night...My hubby was off doing some manly man thing. I let the pups outside to do their business before bedtime. Scotty and Clay came in when I called them, but not Maya. I really didn't want to go out in the backyard in my PJ's, but what's a woman to do when a dog refuses to come when called and her manly man is not home...Besides, Miss Maya sure looked pretty intensely focused on something. I figured I had better go find out what she was doing... 

Oh, I found out alright!!! She was EATING a bunny!!! Ewwwww!!!! I began to scream at her to drop it, but Maya thought it was the most delicious thing on earth and was not going to let it go. I shook her head to get her to drop it and after a few minutes, she did. I had to hold on to her with all my my might to prevent her from going after it again. I was so grossed out!!!! I put Maya in the house and began to search for something to pick up the dead bunny with...I was not going to touch it. Ewwww...I settled on the pooper scooper. I scooped up the poor dead thing and tossed it in the trash. Whew....Now I could go to bed and get some much needed rest after that trauma. 

The 3 dogs and I go to bed and get all settled in for the night. Then..I heard some thing...It was a strange sound. I didn't know what it was. I tried to ignore it, but then I got the spooks. I turned on my bedside lamp and look in the direction of the noise.... 

Miss Maya had thrown up the rabbit innerds on the carpet on the bedroom floor and was EATING THEM AGAIN!!! *screech* I drug her out of my room while I gagged.  With Maya on the other side of the door, I thought,  "Now, what!? Where is my manly man when I need him!!!!!!" I grabbed a dirty t-shirt that was on the floor, put it on top of the rabbit insides and scooped up the mess. It was WARM!!!! EWWWWW!!!! I decided the best thing to do would be to flush Maya's tasty treat down the toilet. I tried not to look at what I was doing out of fear that I would end up throwing up all over the bathroom floor and all the time praying that it wouldn't clog the toilet.  God was merciful. It went into the sewer system without any problems. The shirt? I tossed it in the trash. EWWWWWW...

It was the most disgusting experiences of my life! The one good thing? One less rabbit to eat the flowers in my garden. 

That's my bunny story. :o)


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