Wordless Wednesday

April 30, 2008

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Monday's Memory of Mom

April 28, 2008

One of the memories I have of my mom was when I was 5 years old. It involves a rocking chair,  cookies and Cinderella.

The big rocking chair belonged to my mom. The child's rocking chair is mine. She bought them both when she was pregnant with me. You can see that my chair has a few bumps and bruises. I can remember rocking my baby doll in that chair and singing, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town." I guess I sang that song a lot and drove my sister nuts. That's what baby sisters are for, right? My mom's chair looks very good for being almost 48 years old. Does that make it an antique? That's a horrible thought! 
My sis, who is 6 years older than me, made Russian Tea cookies one night. I remember they had Fruit Loops in them. I wonder if there was a recipe on the Fruit Loops box or something. Well, being the original cookie monster, I ate way too many and I got...Ummm...sick. Ick! 

My mom held me on her lap as she rocked me in her rocking chair. I can almost hear her heartbeat beating against my ear....We were watching Cinderella on TV. The one with Leslie Ann Warren. To this day when I watch that movie, I remember my mom rocking me and the Russian Tea cookies that made me sick. 

When I had my daughter, my mom passed the rocking chair on to me. One day, it will go to her when she has her first baby. :o)  

Oh, in case you are wondering...To this day, I've NEVER again eaten a Russian Tea cookie and I never will. Ick!!


April 27, 2008

 The flowers that God has blessed us with here on earth are so glorious...However, nothing compares to the Glory of God Himself. How I long for the day when I will see HIs glory...

Two sides of adoption

April 24, 2008

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The weather was in the middle 70's. The sun was shining brightly. The flowers were in bloom. And I got to see my darling grand-daughter Brooklyn. The weather matched my mood.

Today it's pouring rain. The flowers are leaning over as if they are hanging their heads in sorrow. Once again, the weather is matching my mood because I cry when I gaze upon the pictures of Brooklyn. It's so complicated, or maybe I make it complicated because, as an adoptive parent myself, I see both sides of adoption. I cry out of joy, gratitude, and sadness...

*Having my first grandchild placed for adoption.
 *My son and his girlfriend chose life for their baby in a society that that doesn't think twice about killing unborn babies.
*Brooklyn is with a family that loves her! They are such amazing parents....I get such a kick out of watching her daddy play with her. Steve is fairly quiet and shy, so when he gets all goofy for his daughter, it's fun to watch. He ADORES her...

*They decided to have an open adoption so I receive picture updates and can see her when schedules allow.
*Brooklyn's parents refer to me as "Grandma." Capitol "G." Okay...Now I cry again. This is what is making me weepy today. I do not, nor would I ever presume to call myself "Grandma" as a proper name to be used by Brooklyn. I think of myself as a grandma, not Grandma. Jen's mom and Steve's mom are Grandma. It's touching and sweet that Jen called me Grandma because she didn't have to...

So, when the time comes for my boys to meet their birth families, I need to remember how much it means to me to be referred by the proper pro-noun Grandma and bless their families with the same gift.
Thank you, Jen, for being my teacher by example...I love you...

Now...Wanna see my sweet Grand-daughter??

 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord
the fruit of the womb a reward. 
Psalm 127:3

Wordless Wednesday

April 23, 2008

Piper and the fly....
Photographer: Kelly Lamphere and owner of Piper. She is one of my fellow mini aussie friends.
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I accidently got creative....French Ribbon board tutorial

April 22, 2008

In the last few weeks I've moved my office from the kitchen to the living room. Russ and I each have one end of the dining table where we gaze adoringly at each other across the table...Actually, we gaze at our laptops, but we could gaze at one another if we wanted to. That was the reason for the move. :o) When we have company, we move our stuff off the table so it can be used for it's intended purpose, to dine. My only complaint about my new office is the poor lighting. I haven't fully solved that issue yet. 

Along with the lighting the other thing I really miss is the kitchen cupboard door where I taped pictures of friends, family and my darling granddaughter. I used it like a bulletin board or a giant picture frame. Since moving the kitchen cupboard door into the living room was not an option, it appeared I wouldn't have somewhere to place those type of things in my new office....That is, until Kelly asked a question on the Swap about storing her bookmarks and a Swappie suggested a French bulletin board. Not being 100% sure what a French bulletin board was, I did a Google search. Eureka!!! That would be perfect for my new office area!! It didn't take long to realize that this was something very simple to make, even for a not-so-crafty-person like me and making it myself meant I could personalize it anyway I wanted!! 

Once I get an idea in my head, I tend to act on it right away, which can be bad at times, but we won't go there...Russ was willing to go with me to Menards to buy the homasote board, but when I invited him to go to JoAnn's Fabric store, his face turned white. That was my clue that going to a fabric store on a Sunday afternoon was not his idea of fun. I spared him from the torture and dropped him off at home before I headed on over to JoAnn's. I spent a long time looking for just the right material and ribbon to make my French bulletin board. I wanted a sheep print material, but the only sheep material they had was baby material and that would not do. I decided to go simple. I settled on beige denim material and tan grosgrain ribbon that's slightly darker than the denim. Instead of using decorative upholstery tacks to secure the ribbons where they crossed, I found some sheep buttons by Debbie Mumm that I am going to hot glue to tacks. I can't wait to get started!! 

~*~The next day~*~
List of supplies:
2 spools of ribbon
1/2" thick batting ~optional, but I like it better with it. 
material ~ I chose beige denim. 
Buttons ~optional, you can use decorative upholstery tacks instead.
Upholstery tacks ~ shown in another picture
Homasote board ~ purchased at Menards
Frame ~ I've been storing it for years in my basement. I finally found a use for it. :o) 
Total cost: $25 ~ not counting my new glue gun and hand stapler. 

I trimmed the batting and material a few inches bigger than the 16" x 20"x 1/2" homasote board. 

I pulled the batting and material around the edge of the board as taut as possible and stapled it down with the staple gun. The denim material make it a bit hard to make nice folded corners due to it's thickness. 

Here is the finished side. As you can see, you don't have to use a frame. The only reason I did was because I had one already.

I laid out the ribbons cross way and pinned the ends to the edge of the board. I ended up moving the ribbons farther apart. They were too close together the first time.  
Next row of ribbons being placed on top of the first rows.
All the ends of the ribbons are pinned to the edge. Leave enough extra ribbon to staple them to the back of the board. 

It doesn't have to look pretty. *wink* Pull the ribbon taut when you staple them. If I were giving this away as a gift, I would finish off the back with paper or something.

I used flat head upholstery pins so I could glue my wood and sheep buttons to them. I just pushed them into the ribbons where they crossed. I like how the batting makes the diamonds puff up a bit. 

I used a hot glue gun to glue my buttons on. Only real crafters own glue guns, so I must be real now! 

Close up of my sheep button. :o)

All done!!! 

Monday's Memory of Mom

April 21, 2008

What does my mom and Mary Poppins have in common?? Other than the fact that she was practically perfect in every way? *wink* Not much. But every time I hear the name Mary Poppins, or watch the movie with my family, I can't help but think of my mom.
When I was almost 4, my mom took my sister and I out on a special outing...Just the three of us. We went out to dinner at a restaurant that had a big red rooster on the roof and then we went to a movie theater to see my first movie, "Mary Poppins." I'm not positively sure, but I think the theater that we went to was the Plaza theater. I remember the large blue velvet drapes that covered the screen and the blue upholstered rocking seats. 

I wish I could remember more....
For you youngins', this is a record album.


April 18, 2008

A few years ago, I was introduced to beading. It didn't take long for me to get hooked. As with any hobby, it can get expensive, so I put it away for a long time. Recently, I got my beads out to play with again. Soon, I was on-line shopping for beads, beads and more beads. It's still an expensive hobby. The findings came today, so I am very excited to get creating again with my new treasures.
Because I can not keep a surprise if my life depended on it, I spilled the beans and told Kelly, my friend and partner on The Swap, that I had a surprise planned for her. It wasn't hard on her part to get me to fess up and tell her what it was. Since she already knows what the surprise is, I figured it wouldn't hurt to share here the pictures of what I made for her. Everything was purchased at Goody Beads

Happy 14th Birthday, Son...

April 17, 2008

One of my babies is 14 today!! Though Reagan isn't a child from my body, he has always been a child of my heart. Last July, he became my son through adoption. Reagan is a godly young man that is coming into his own. I'm excited to see where God takes him in service to Christ.
Reagan is very funny, though he doesn't always try to be. He is one of those that came into common sense a bit late in life. Example, adoption day funny....

Reagan pondering something the judge said. "Mom? If I am a minor now, does that mean when I turn 18 I will be a major?" Yes, he was serious!
Another example. He just now said it as I was trying to think of another example!
Reagan: Mom, when I get up, I'm sometimes dizzy.
Me: That's because you're sitting up too fast.
Reagan: Oh....I thought it was because I was laying on my side and all the blood had rushed to one side of my brain.
Happy Birthday, Son....I love you!

Carpet of crocus

April 16, 2008

Seeing these beauties in my garden this morning brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I'm in awe of God's breathtaking creativity  and to think He created such beauty for us to enjoy. :o)

Wordless Wednesday

April 15, 2008

The beautiful boundary waters. 

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Monday's Memory of Mom

April 14, 2008

My mom loved all things denim. Denim coats, denim jumpers, denim dresses, denim purses, denim hats...Her closets were full of denim. A day or two before she died, when I had a few minutes alone with her, I told her that I was going to go purchase a new denim dress to wear to her funeral in honor of her love of denim. She told me to just go to her closet and pick out one of her dresses. She described the one that she thought would look the best on me and one that would fit. (We were not built the same. *wink*) I took advantage of her suggestion and began to dig in one of her many closets of clothes. She was a bit of a clothes horse, but don't forget, she was cheap frugal. I found my favorite denim jumper of hers, but alas, it was too small for me. *sigh* I found the one she told me to look for...I tried it on and it fit!!! When I told her I found it and it fit perfectly, she smiled.
The dress I wore to her funeral.

She added the decorative buttons to dress it up and make it more her.

This is the dress that I LOVE and wanted to wear. My weight loss goal is to be able to wear this dress. :o) I loved this one on my mom and complemented her every time I saw her in it. I am almost positive that she added the frayed denim to the pockets and around the bottom of the jumper herself.

This dress is another example of how she could take something simple and plain, modify it and turn it almost into a work of wearable art.
The front of the dress.

The back of the dress.

Close up of the bottom front of the dress. Now, how in the world did she think of sewing on doilies to a dress to make it more interesting? Everything was hand sown on. It must have taken her hours to do. I don't know if I will ever wear this one. I don't think I could carry it off like she did. *wink*

Mom and denim Denim and Mom...I will never be able think of one without the other.

The furniture is here. :o)

April 11, 2008

The new chair and couch were delivered this afternoon. I'm ready for company! 

Amazing Grace

April 10, 2008

Precious!! \o/

Piper, Clay and Scotty

2 Blind Squirrels and a Bunny

One of my favorite podcasts is Two Blind Squirrels. I think Faith and Brad are hilarious! My very, very favorite show to date is Baby Bunny. I laughed until my sides hurt! 

Faith's baby bunny story inspired me to share my baby bunny story. *Warning: Gross Alert*

Here is my bunny story, starring Miss Maya, an australian shepherd I fostered for a few months. 

The story begins on a hot summer night...My hubby was off doing some manly man thing. I let the pups outside to do their business before bedtime. Scotty and Clay came in when I called them, but not Maya. I really didn't want to go out in the backyard in my PJ's, but what's a woman to do when a dog refuses to come when called and her manly man is not home...Besides, Miss Maya sure looked pretty intensely focused on something. I figured I had better go find out what she was doing... 

Oh, I found out alright!!! She was EATING a bunny!!! Ewwwww!!!! I began to scream at her to drop it, but Maya thought it was the most delicious thing on earth and was not going to let it go. I shook her head to get her to drop it and after a few minutes, she did. I had to hold on to her with all my my might to prevent her from going after it again. I was so grossed out!!!! I put Maya in the house and began to search for something to pick up the dead bunny with...I was not going to touch it. Ewwww...I settled on the pooper scooper. I scooped up the poor dead thing and tossed it in the trash. Whew....Now I could go to bed and get some much needed rest after that trauma. 

The 3 dogs and I go to bed and get all settled in for the night. Then..I heard some thing...It was a strange sound. I didn't know what it was. I tried to ignore it, but then I got the spooks. I turned on my bedside lamp and look in the direction of the noise.... 

Miss Maya had thrown up the rabbit innerds on the carpet on the bedroom floor and was EATING THEM AGAIN!!! *screech* I drug her out of my room while I gagged.  With Maya on the other side of the door, I thought,  "Now, what!? Where is my manly man when I need him!!!!!!" I grabbed a dirty t-shirt that was on the floor, put it on top of the rabbit insides and scooped up the mess. It was WARM!!!! EWWWWW!!!! I decided the best thing to do would be to flush Maya's tasty treat down the toilet. I tried not to look at what I was doing out of fear that I would end up throwing up all over the bathroom floor and all the time praying that it wouldn't clog the toilet.  God was merciful. It went into the sewer system without any problems. The shirt? I tossed it in the trash. EWWWWWW...

It was the most disgusting experiences of my life! The one good thing? One less rabbit to eat the flowers in my garden. 

That's my bunny story. :o)

Wordless Wednesday

April 9, 2008

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It's MINE!!!

April 8, 2008

Do you like the new look of my blog?  Yesterday my house was spotless, laundry caught up, dishes done, children educated and I had a 4 course meal all prepared for my family, so I treated myself with time on the computer. Alright, I confess... The only 100% truthful thing I said was I treated myself with time on the computer, but look at the results!! I am so pleased with how it turned out!

My original blog template was a free download I found on the net. I wasn't keen on the choices that Blogger had, so I searched until I found one that was more me, however, my first preference was something with a sheep theme. I spent the afternoon lost in the web searching for a pre-made template. I never found one, but I did discover two talented ladies at  RS Designs and began to dream about having them design a blog theme just for me...then I could get my own domain name and a host site and......Reality check...There is a starving black lab that needs food, which is FAR more important than me having a customized blog theme. *sigh* But I really, really wanted something new...I decided to be brave (or foolish, depending on the outcome of said decision) and poke around my blog's html code to see if I could figure out what was what. I found the header code and the divider code without too much trouble. It looked simple enough to change. I just needed a file with a link. (If you don't have an account at Photobucket, go get one!) After hours of tweaking, uploading, downloading, resizing, previewing, tweaking some more, adding text and tweaking one last time, I finally had  my very own, free customized blog theme and the satisfaction of creating it by myself. As a bonus, I don't feel guilty about a black lab starving because of my selfishness. 

So, if you heard about the crazy lady dancing in her living room with her fists in the air singing the Rocky theme...It wasn't me...It was only someone who looked like me. :o)

Monday's Memory of Mom

April 7, 2008

Sorry, everyone....Not a good weekend for writing a meaningful post about my mom. My darling, wonderful, amazing and perfect-for-me husband and I needed to spend extra time together to work out a misunderstanding. We did. :o)

BUT!!! I did find something last week. I was looking for something in my cedar chest and found this treasure!!  
I squealed with delight!! A sheep! How wonderful for my mom to paint a sheep on a tin container, long before I saw myself as a sheep. :o)

Inside I keep important *wink* things...
A thumb drive, my iPod dock connector, dental floss (have you flossed lately?), a dollar and some change. Now, that makes me smile. :o) 

On a more serious note....

April 4, 2008

Please take the time to watch the short video of Oprah that my pastor posted on his blog,  An Infant in a Cradle.  I watched most of it and had to turn of off. I am a weak sister and need to be careful of what I watch, which is why TV is not an option for me. 

I began the slippery slope of believing the lies of New Ageism in the '80's. It started with the lies Oprah began to teach and the false teachers that she had on her show. I loved her...You could say I was an attender at her "church". Praise GOD, I didn't become a member. Yes, PRAISE GOD!!! For when the lies were being spoken, verses from God's Word would pop into my mind. 

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life...

I am the Lord your God....

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God....

God had called me as one of His own and nothing could pluck me from His Hand. \o/

My dear sisters in Christ...Please, turn off the Oprah!!! She is teaching lies and teaching a false gospel. Go to the TRUTH that is found only in Jesus Christ and His Holy Word...If anything you hear being taught doesn't line up with Scripture, it's a lie. Simple as that. 

Read 2nd Peter. You'll be glad you did...

Growing up is so hard to do

We are having a crisis of letting go of parts of childhood in our home. I am ready to let go of the swing set and get some of my yard back. Besides, the boys rarely play on it any more and I know another family would be blessed to have it. 

The object of the crisis....

Mitchell believes otherwise. He is having a very difficult time with this brilliant idea his mother has hatched. Here are just a few ways he has tried to convince me to keep the swing set:

~ "You know, mom....That tower comes in very handy for weather spotting." This coming from the boy who loves all things weather, and yet is the first to fly to the basement as soon as a hint of a storm is brewing. 

~ "Mom...I am going to have children one day...You are going to need that swing set." Do you think it will still be usable in 15-20 years???

~ "Mom...We need the swing set to store the sticks." When I didn't respond with glowing accolades of how smart he was and how he saved us all from losing the one thing that the sticks could lean on, he tried this piece of manipulation, "Okay...I guess they will just have to be all over the yard," which he knows drives me batty. I informed him that the sticks could go to a new home...The trash can. "Uhhhh...Never mind, Mom."

I told Mitchell that if Pastor Eric takes it to his house, I was sure he would allow him visitation rights. *wink* If Pastor doesn't take it,  I have a feeling the swing set will be staying right where it is for another year. After all, the sticks do need a place to live. :o)

Grey-Haired Geek

April 3, 2008

Disclaimer: I am not calling my friend a name...Though I thought she was calling me a name at first. *wink*.....

Introducing, Grey-Haired Geek, aka Kelly!!! Go read her brand new blog, Grey-Haired Geek

Kelly is my partner is crime on The Swap and a true joy to work with! The best part, she is a 100 times smarter than I am, so I look good by association. ;o) 

She is the pretty one, too. There! Are 'ya happy now, Kel? :-P 

A baby....??

April 1, 2008

Haley: Hi, Mom! Guess what?
Me: *ever hopeful* You're pregnant!
Haley: *giggles* No....I have a new puppy!

Well, it IS a baby...*sigh* Someday...God willing, it will be a human baby. :o)

In the meantime, here is Pennelopy, the basset hound. 

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