March 25, 2008

Piper is my youngest pup. I named him after John Piper. He is a clown and always makes me laugh. When I have treats to pass out, he goes through his repertoire of tricks in seconds and repeats them over and over again. Sit. Sneeze. Lay down. Sit. Sneeze. Lay down. The whole time his back end (aussies don't have tails) goes a 100 MPH. I can't get him to calm down enough to teach him anything else!

If there is a squirrel foolish enough to wander upon the backyard fence, you can be sure that Piper will go out the back door with the speed of an Olympic athlete in an attempt to catch it. So far, he hasn't been successful and I am eternally grateful. He also loves to chase the birds, the butterflies and the bees. He hasn't caught any of them either, but he happily hops about the yard doggedly determined to be victorious.

He is always smiling, except.....Da, da, da, dum.....when I get out the mighty, noisy, sucking, purple monster. Also known as the vacuum cleaner. At that time he turns into a shivering bowl of jell-o and seeks refuge to be as far away as possible from this evil monster. 

Case in point. Last week: 

Shhhh....Don't tell the mighty noisy, sucking purple monster that I am hiding here. 
 I can not bring myself to even look upon this mighty noisy, sucking purple monster.

When Clay was afraid of the boys' guns, I helped him get over it my putting treats on the guns. So far, that isn't working with Piper. He WILL NOT take a treat when the vacuum is out, no matter how yummy it is. It can be turned off and just sitting in the room and he will go hide until it's gone. 

So, if you visit and notice that my floors need vacuumed, it's because I took pity on Peeper Piper and kept the mighty noisy, sucking purple machine in the dungeon, also known as the closet. 


  1. Aw, how cute. ;-Þ Our golden/lab mix, Bailey, was a tail chaser. Whenever I'd turn on the vacuum cleaner, she'd go into warp speed tail chasing mode. It was especially funny when she'd catch said tail. She'd just stand there with it in her teeth, looking perplexed as if to say "now, what do I do with it?".

    She'd act just like Piper, though, whenever Mike watched football. At his first yell at the tv, she'd run off to the sunroom and cram her big body up under the small space below my computer desk. It was too funny. ;-Þ

    Aren't dogs fun? :-)

  2. Yes, they are. They keep me laughing!!

  3. I've got a pup (chocolate lab) like Piper!

    My sweet animals put a smile in my heart all day long - a place to turn with 2 adolescents in the house who can be a bit fragile at times :-)


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